Obama Claims That Working With Muslim Brotherhood Will Bring Victory Over Terrorism

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The president decided last Thursday – five years into his presidency – to  finally address the gravest threat to our nation and the West in the wake of a  bloody wave of jihad attacks under his sloppy and feckless watch.

He said, “Victory will be measured in parents taking their kids to school;  immigrants coming to our shores; fans taking in a ballgame; a veteran starting a  business; a bustling city street.”

What does that even mean? He speaks of “victory” when he is the architect of  defeat. He speaks of victory while the Fort Hood victims languish and  slaughtering jihadist Nidal Hasan still has not been brought to trial, but has  received more than a quarter-of-a-million dollars in compensation. He speaks of  victory when he won’t even call the jihad attack on a London street “terrorism,” instead terming it “senseless violence.”

Jihad  beheading victim Lee Rigby will receive the same tribute as soldiers who die in  action, but Fort Hood jihad victims are victims of a “criminal act of single  individual,” not international terrorism. Why would Obama authorize a drone  hit on Anwar al-Awlaki (who never killed anyone) but not give the victims of his  Islamic preachings the same military designation?

What is his plan? It’s to partner with Muslim Brotherhood groups in America  that work feverishly to “eliminate and destroy” America from within. Obama said  Thursday that

“the best way to prevent violent extremism is to work with the Muslim  American community – which has consistently rejected terrorism – to identify  signs of radicalization, and partner with law enforcement when an individual is  drifting toward violence.”

Work with the Muslim American community? Just as Obama said this, former  Hamas-CAIR official Cyrus McGoldrick urged Muslims not to talk to law  enforcement. “And never let them in your home.” This is Hamas-CAIR’s policy as  well. They urge Muslims not to cooperate with the authorities. Really, Obama?  You’re counting on these Islamic supremacists?

Robert Spencer said,

The Muslim American community has consistently rejected terrorism?  Four separate studies since 1998 have all found that 80 percent of U.S. mosques  were teaching jihad, Islamic supremacism, and hatred and contempt for Jews and  Christians. … And in the summer of 2011 came another  study showing that only 19 percent of mosques in U.S. don’t teach  jihad violence and/or Islamic supremacism.”

But Obama wants to work with the Muslim American community – despite the fact  that all the major Muslim groups in the U.S. are linked in various ways to the  Muslim Brotherhood, which is dedicated in its own words to “eliminating and  destroying Western civilization from within.” What’s his plan? To close Gitmo  and release the killers, when we know the recidivism rate is extraordinarily  high. He stands by his drone attacks while having denied the motive of jihadic  doctrine. He is killing Americans and yet he whines that we “compromised our  basic values – by using torture to interrogate our  enemies.”

He is denigrating the Bush administration’s waterboarding of three killers  that saved thousands of lives and led to the killing of Osama bin Laden. Our  soldiers are waterboarded so they understand the process. Who does this poser  think he’s kidding? He kills people, spies on journalists and abandons our  ambassador and other Americans in Libya, and he is preaching to us?

Obama says that there have been no large-scale attacks in the U.S. I  disagree. Scores of large scale attacks were thwarted. That counts. And Fort  Hood and Boston were large scale. Hundreds of people living with shrapnel,  broken flesh and bone – and the dead.

Our delusional president claims our standing in the world is what it was. I  beg to differ. We are much weaker under his reign. Obama’s abandonment of our  allies in Egypt, Libya, Israel and Eastern Europe has weakened our hegemony and  influence in those regions. And he has effectively surrendered to the Taliban in  Afghanistan.

Obama claims that “unrest in the Arab World has also allowed extremists to  gain a foothold in countries like Libya and Syria.” That, too, is a deliberate  misrepresentation of what happened. Obama backed jihadists. That’s what happened  in the Muslim world. Did he think that backing jihadists in Egypt, Libya,  Tunisia and now Syria would end well?

What’s his plan? Why didn’t Obama mention that his administration scrubbed  all counter terrorism materials and manuals of jihad and Islam – disarming law  enforcement and counter terrorism officials? Where did that get us? Boston.

When Obama speaks of the threat on our shores, he only cites the rare  non-Muslim attacks: “Finally, we face a real threat from radicalized individuals  here in the United States. Whether it’s a shooter at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin;  a plane flying into a building in Texas; or the extremists who killed 168 people  at the federal building in Oklahoma City.”

He doesn’t say a word about the hundreds of thwarted, and in some cases successful, acts of jihad. He  goes on to explain that jihadists are lying when they quote Quran chapter and  verse and wage war in the case of Islam. Obama said, “This ideology is based on  a lie, for the United States is not at war with Islam.” No,  it is Obama who is lying about the ideology. And while we  may not be at war with Islam, clearly there is a significant part of Islam that  is at war with us. Are we going to fight back?

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/05/obama-claims-that-working-with-muslim-brotherhood-will-bring-victory-over-terrorism/#ixzz2UZvtUgoI

7 thoughts on “Obama Claims That Working With Muslim Brotherhood Will Bring Victory Over Terrorism

  1. There is an opening to the rectum. What about obama ?

  2. Sure, put the terrorists in charge so there’s no OTHER group to blame!

  3. I noticed he is using the word “terrorism” now that HE is pointing the finger.
    Otherwise, it is workplace violence or……..

  4. Oh Yeah, work with the lion, be his friend, then lay down with him. I think id rather just shoot the damn thing

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