Are Obama’s Scandals Indicating That He Has No Business Being In Office?


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With 3 different problems jumping up at the same time it seems that President  Obama is sounding more like Alfred E. Newman of Mad Magazine fame! “What? Me  Worry?”  How can a President not know a thing about what is going on in his  administration?  Is Obama really that out of touch with his people, or is he  just way too tied up in campaigning to worry about the United States or those  below him? Perhaps he is either incompetent or he’s outright lying.

The White House dumps e-mails that show just who had asked for changes in  talking points, all done while 4 men had their very lives in the balance.  Yet  it was much more important to ask about talking points while men were being  killed.  Obama throws everyone else under the bus, while he keeps on saying that  he had no knowledge in anything dealing with Benghazi.  People in Obama’s  administration are now being shoved out to the press so that it seems they are  the ones that did what he says he had no knowledge of. Even with President  Obama’s statements at a briefing on Thursday May 16, 2012, Obama clearly made it  understood that he had no knowledge of what happened. Maybe we should change  that concept to the most famous statements from one Sergeant Schulz, of the  Television show Hogan’s Heroes, where Schulz would make the famous statement, “I  know nothing!”

It seems that all of the e-mails sent back and forth to the White House from  around 3 PM until much later were just concerning what was to be given as “talking points,” without any discussion as to what was going on at the Benghazi  Embassy or what type of attack they were under or if anyone was hurt.  Nope, it  was all about the “talking points.”  It seems that maybe Obama is throwing that  out there with his release of some 94 e-mails to maybe try and alter the  discussion as to why he seemingly just went to sleep while others were  discussing the “talking points,” not to mention that Americans were being killed  and their bodies being dragged through the streets of Benghazi.  Now is that  just some weird reason to ask questions that have yet to be answered?  Questions  like, just what did Obama do after he got the one call in the evening of  September 11, 2012, a date when the entire diplomatic core should have been on  double high alert or of a much higher level of security.  Instead, our President  seemingly went to bed while brave men died defending themselves in Benghazi.

Now let us take a brief look at an article or part of it that shows just what  has happened and how much this single scandal has affected the Obama  administration and how it may well have an effect upon the 2014 elections.  We  need only look at this article written by Tad  Cronn.

Below is a small part of what has been disclosed just on Benghazi.

“The emails show heavy involvement by top Administration officials,  particularly in Clinton’s State Department, in changing the talking points to  blame a YouTube video and spontaneous street protests.”

President Obama did the same thing when it came to the IRS, saying he did not  know anything until he saw it on the news reports. Once again it gives the idea  of the old “Hogan’s Heroes” Sargent Schultz, “I know nothing!”  However, this is  the President of the United States.  Is he supposed to know about this, or has  he “shielded” himself in order to perform the Sargent Schultz impression when he  is asked what he knew.  Taking this into consideration, one has to begin to  wonder just what does Obama do when he is not partying, not golfing, not playing  basketball, or not doing what he was elected to office to do.  Did the United  States elect a man back into office that has abused the very office he holds?   Was America, as Obama himself stated, “Hoodwinked,” by his own soothing voice  that told us not to open the curtain because nobody was behind it?  Guess what?   Nobody was behind the curtain running our nation and by Obama’s own admission,  he does not know anything about anything except when he has been given the  speech prepared for him.

There are so many very important questions that have not been answered yet  related to the 3 bothersome and questionable scandals that the Obama  administration is involved in.

The recent release about the “talking points” indicates that people in the  Obama administration were much more worried about “talking points” than the  lives of 4 men! Then we find out that the IRS was doing a more questionable  search upon those who, like ourselves, question the government.  Yet this would  nearly imply a government that has made a drastic turn towards becoming more  tyrannical every day.  Keep in mind it was Barack Obama that said we should not  listen to those who warn about tyranny.

Then we find out that the Department of Justice makes taps on a large amount  of reporters without notifying them and the Attorney General removes himself  from this because he may be.  Yet, the President knows nothing?  Is Obama about  to call himself Sargent Schultz or will he admit that he has made several  mistakes, but we doubt this since he continues to blame others, even going as  far as to put out the e-mail which makes his own press secretary, Jay Carney,  look like a fool.  Carney’s boss has thrown him under the bus in order to keep  from taking a direct hit.

We have to wonder just how long will the people of the United States remain  loyal to a man who seems to be hiding so much that he is now entangled in 3  different scandals that would have brought Republican Presidents to the point of  impeachment.  Yet, with our nation we do not seem to care as long as we “respect” the first black president even if he is engaged in wrong doings that  would be close to becoming treason, if nothing else.

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5 thoughts on “Are Obama’s Scandals Indicating That He Has No Business Being In Office?

  1. No statist, Marxist, semi-Marxist, Maoist, Leninist, Trotskyite rat should be allowed anywhere NEAR the White House. Rats belong in SEWERS.
    THIS IS NOT A SEWER – IT IS AMERICA. Or at least it WAS.
    Land of the free and home of the brave.

  2. What a stupid question: “….he has no business in office.”

  3. Hell- he has no business, or reason, to be in this country for that matter.

  4. Got that right!!!!

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