The Obama Incompetence Excuse – I’m Not Buying It!

Freedom Outpost

How many times over the last decades are we going to hear from Washington  leadership, especially in the Executive Branch, that they “didn’t know” or it  was some underlings fault?  I wonder how long the American people are going  to get scammed with those excuses before finally waking up.  There is a  basic and simple reason for these pleas of incompetence from perpetrators of  criminal behavior.  You don’t go to jail for incompetence or lack of  knowledge.  You do go to jail for intent and deliberate  illegal acts.  Possibly you could go to jail for negligence, but not nearly  for the same degree of punishment as if clear intent was proven.  You don’t  go to jail if you can show that the act was committed by some rogue employee and  you knew nothing about it.  Uh huh, and my Aunt Sadie was the Queen of  Sheba.

Let’s look at incompetence, just for the sake of argument.  We are all  so tolerant these days of fallibility.   So and so “didn’t mean to do  it.”  So and so was just a weak person and fell into a circumstance so and  so could not handle.  Poor so and so.  O.K. that might work for a  youngster who needs guidance.  But we are talking about the supposed cream  of the crop at the upper echelons of leading our nation.  How much slack  are you willing to give these people after they have landed in the most powerful  positions in the nation?  A lot of these folks are graduates of the  nation’s top law schools.  If you want to pretend they are incompetent, you  surely are kidding yourself.  Some incompetence could be applied, but not  at the highest levels and that alone is reason to remove them from their  positions.  Do you really think all of this amounts to incompetence at this  point?   And when incompetence meets malfeasance, how much of this is this  nation going to tolerate?

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Obama Built This Forgery

American Thinker

I  don’t normally display lawn signs or bumper stickers during political campaigns;  I usually keep my voting preferences to myself.  (That’s the point of  secret ballots, right?)  But the November 2012 elections got me charged up  to the point where I felt the urge to do something public, and since my friends  already knew how I felt, I didn’t think I would be divulging any secrets by  doing so.


But  I didn’t like the bumper stickers offered by the campaigns, or any of the clever  ones being sold over the internet, because I was really against certain  candidates rather than for the opposition.  So I designed and  ordered my own, shown below in Figure OB:



Figure  OB.  “Obama Built This Forgery” bumper sticker.

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The President as Sergeant Schultz

How is it that, time and again, the most powerful man on the planet doesn’t  seem to have a clue what is happening in his own government? Famed for never  accepting blame for anything, the more I see President Obama these days, the  more I am reminded of Sergeant Hans Schultz of the TV sitcom, “Hogan’s Heroes”,  that ran from 1965 to 1971.

The wonderful Hans Banner the actor who played the prisoner of war guard left  an indelible legacy with his repeated denials, “I know nothing. I hear nothing,  and I see nothing”; often all three at the same time to avoid being implicated  in Col. Robert E. Hogan’s manipulation of Werner Klemperer’s Col. Wilhelm Klink,  the camp commandant of Luftwaffe Stalag 13.

Obama’s way of dealing with everything has been to talk it to death and he  has been responding to questions from the press, claiming that the accusations  are all “a sideshow” or that “there’s no there, there.” It is not working. In  the case of Benghazi-Gate, his lies are so blatant that it has gone from an  embarrassment to a full-fledged cover-up.

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