The Right to Bear Arms


Socialism is Not the Answer

By: 1 Dragon

  I think it’s time to to give my two cents worth on this subject.

When I was growing up, my Grandfather had all of his guns on a gun rack mounted on a wall leading upstairs. Nobody ever touched them. They were my Grandfathers and that was it. My Father fought in WWII and retired after 23 years of service. My Mother knew how to use a gun, maybe not as well as Annie Oakley but she could hit what she aimed at.

My Father bought me my first gun when I was about 13 and he never worried about me with it because he knew I had been trained. So as you can see, I was brought around guns without fear but with respect. Which leads me to the point of this story.

 In 1976, while working at a conveient store in Mobile, Alabama my Mother was shot and killed in a late night robbery. The robber walked into the store just a few minutes before closing, shot my Mother three times and then tried to open the cash register but couldn’t. So he took the cash register and left the store and my Mother dead on the floor.

For those who remember 1976, you will remember that there were no hidden video cameras in the stores, so there were no pictures. There were no finger prints because he took the cash register. And to this day, I don’t know if they ever caught the person that did this, but I do know this. I don’t blame the gun. Just like I wouldn’t blame the knife if he had used one, or a baseball bat or even a car. They are just things and can do nothing without a person using them.

Now, if my Mother had  a gun when this scumbag had walked into the store, she might be alive today and telling the story about how big his eyes were when he looked down the barrel of her gun. And for the record, I still have the gun my Father gave me and will continue to no matter what the Dictator Obama says or does.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

CAN YOU READ THIS Barry????  How about you Harry? Or you Nancy?

The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

You want to take away someones guns?  Try doing it in a Banana Republic.

God  Bless America and God Save the Republic.


12 thoughts on “The Right to Bear Arms

  1. You have a good head on your shoulders. So sorry that you lost your mom.

  2. So sorry about your mother, that it took this to make it personal for you. God be with you in the ongoing struggle.

  3. You are absolutly correct it is about time you wrote on this matter! My Dad gave me my first,.22 cal bolt action single shot at 9 years of age but put me through 2 years of training before releasing me on my own at 11! He made darn sure over a 2 year span that I knew and and followed all of the safety rules of shooting and handling of a weapon that jas kill power range of a full mile! Prior to that I had a Daisy BB gun that he also insured that I followed the same rules of gun handling! Kind of a precursor to the .22! I thank the fact that my Dad was dilligent about his teachings and oversight of my handling! However a younger friend of mine father was not so dilligent but my friend was very attentive to my instructions over a time of
    our hunting trips together and he told me his Dad wanted me to teach him as I had been taught by my Dad! His Dad knew very little of gun use and safety but was close to my
    My message to scumobama is molon labe if you got the balls you chicken shit halbreed misfit ignorant basterd!

    My message to oscumbama is molon labe if you hot the balls

  4. I likewise am sorry that you lost your Mom, it must have been at an early age for you and I am sure quite devistating to you! She is probably quote proud looking upon her son and his strength and wisdom! You see I believe that our loved ones past are very aware of our lives! May be wrong but I think I am right!

    • Thanks. There is an old saying…… all’s fair in love and war. Well, Barry has declaired war on anyone who is against him, his policies, his change, etc. We need to watch the other hand and read between the lines, he’s not done yet, in fact, far from it.

  5. Im getting ready to give you all something that will blow your minds, and confirm some of your suspicions.

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