Last Week’s Conspiracy Theories are This Week’s Reality


It is now safe to say that if one cannot see the abject evil of the Obama administration as well as the endemic corruption and criminality in our federal government, it is only because they are refusing to look. Due to what some are calling a “perfect storm of circumstances, three scandals have rocked Washington, but these are only the grossest symptoms of the systemic infection that has been festering there for decades.

Those such as myself who suspected on September 12, 2012 that the Obama administration’s narrative relative to the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya, was a false one were mocked and ridiculed (as was I personally in 2008 upon claiming that a communist was in the running for the White House). We now know that not only was the narrative false, but that President Obama and his cabinet are probably guilty of criminal action surrounding their responses and subsequent coverup of the actual events in Benghazi that night.

On the heels of whistleblowers’ testimony before Congress last week, the monumentally egregious practices of the Internal Revenue Service pertaining to conservative nonprofit applicants, and the Department of Justice’s collection of communications records from reporters and editors at the Associated Press have emerged. These have given us the opportunity for an unvarnished glimpse into the machinations of the Obama administration—and into our possible future.

While Benghazi is the most heinous on one level (since it resulted in the deaths of four Americans), and the AP scandal is a direct and unlawful assault on the First Amendment, the IRS debacle most readily carries the specter of totalitarian oppression, particularly since this agency is being tasked with executing many areas of Obamacare. It may be the messiest, and the one with the most visible loose ends. Let us examine just a few of the established facts attendant to recent revelations about the IRS:

It has been established via The New York Times (no less) and other media that Senate Democrats pressured the IRS to engage in the very behavior that came to light.

It has been established via USA Today that during the period in question (2010-2012), the IRS almost indiscriminately approved applications for liberal nonprofit applicants (despite the number of these being lower than in the past) while denying applications from conservative groups.

It has been established that liberal activist organizations (at least one funded by financier and former Nazi collaborator George Soros) received documentation on the aforementioned conservative nonprofit applicants from the IRS.

It has been established via the Landmark Legal Foundation that untoward practices have been employed by congressional lawmakers and the executive branch, who have used the IRS as a weapon of harassment, for decades (the Landmark Legal Foundation has been integral in uncovering recent IRS abuses). One of these is third-party audits, a monstrous practice wherein government officials request or order the IRS to audit an individual or a business. Similar offenses were actually included among the Articles of Impeachment for Richard M. Nixon.

It has been established that the IRS recently seized the medical records of 10 million Americans during an investigation into the finances of one company.

It is essential that the IRS be abolished and the tax code shredded, but it is much more important that Americans recognize these phenomena as major symptoms of that into which our government has mutated.

As far as this administration goes, we must consider all of the foregoing in the aggregate, as well as other as yet unresolved mysteries: There remains the issue of the Saudi national Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, who knew the Obamas, was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing, then subsequently spirited out of the country as evidence of terror cells in Beantown emerged.

There is the Fast and Furious gun running scandal, which is material in being a precursor to illegal gun running through Libya to Syria. Have you ever wondered why the Benghazi perpetrators whom Obama promised his administration would work with the Libyan government to bring to justice have not to date been brought to justice, or even demonstrably pursued? Could it be because their testimony would be exponentially more damaging to Obama than that of the Benghazi whistleblowers?

We have the SEAL Team 6 members killed under highly questionable circumstances in that helicopter crash in August, 2011, and recent testimony of government operatives and lawmakers speaking to a vast clandestine wiretapping and electronic eavesdropping campaign initiated by the White House. Finally, there are the ongoing efforts of the administration to neutralize the Second Amendment.

And we are supposed to ignore the voices that warn against government tyranny, as the President admonished earlier this month? Everything presented here is representative of this administration’s tyrannical bent, and indicative of a megalithic, out-of-control government machine in the latter stages of dismantling the Republic. Understanding this is “comprehending the incomprehensible,” as indicated earlier in this space. Things that have been revealed over the past week that were called fringe conspiracy theories by liberals last week.

Barack Obama and his co-conspirators aren’t liberals; they’re Maoist-Leninists. Comprehending what that means will be the difference between life and death.

Hope that’s not too much of a fringe conspiracy theory for you…

3 thoughts on “Last Week’s Conspiracy Theories are This Week’s Reality

  1. Say SLOWLY. barack hussein obama three times You can then figure out what is wrong.

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