Obama Has Terrorist Witness Protection Program & Lost Several Known Or Suspected Terrorists

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Did you know the Obama administration has a witness protection program for  known or suspected terrorists?  You didn’t?  Well, now you do.  On top of that  it might interest you to know that they not only have such a program, but they  have lost two or more of these known or suspected terrorists.  Thanks to the  numerous scandals the White House is immersed in, many people won’t even hear  about this.

First, according  to the Associated Press:

The Justice Department failed to provide the names of some terrorists  in the witness protection program to the center that maintains the government’s  watch list used to keep dangerous people off airline flights, the department’s  inspector general said in a report Thursday.

As a result of the department’s failure to properly share  information, some in the witness protection program who were on the “no-fly” list were allowed to travel on commercial flights, the federal  watchdog said.

“It was possible for known or suspected terrorists to fly on  commercial airplanes in or over the United States and evade one of the  government’s primary means of identifying and tracking terrorists’ movements and  actions,” the report said.

To help protect witnesses from the people and organizations against whom they  testify, the U.S. Marshals Service provides cooperating witnesses with new names  and identities.

“We found that the department was not authorizing the disclosure to  the Terrorist Screening Center of the new identities provided to known or  suspects terrorists” in the federal Witness Security Program, known  officially as WitSec.

Jake Tapper dropped  the bombshell:

The U.S. Marshals Service lost two former participants in the federal  Witness Security Program “identified as known or suspected terrorists,” states  the public summary of an interim Justice Department Inspector General’s report  obtained by CNN.

The Marshals Service has concluded that “one individual was and the  other individual was believed to be residing outside of the United States,” according to the summary.

The report notes that while in the middle of an audit of the WITSEC program,  also referred to as “WitSec,” the IG notified the Justice Department of  national security vulnerabilities, and the IG’s office “developed the  interim report to help ensure that the Department promptly and sufficiently  addressed the deficiencies we found.”

After its audit, the IG’s office reported “the Department did not  definitively know how many known or suspected terrorists were admitted into the  WITSEC program,” among other “significant issues concerning national  security.”

As of March 2013, the Justice Department was reviewing more than 18,000  Witness Protection Program case files to determine whether more known or  suspected terrorists have been admitted to the program, the summary notes. As such, the number of terrorists lost or unaccounted for “may not be  complete and may continue to evolve.”

You can read the entire summary here.

Well isn’t that nice?  Now we have at least two known or suspected terrorists  that have knowledge of how our witness protection system works on the loose.  We  can safely assume that those details of how that system works has been  compromised.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) immediately announced  plans to hold a hearing on the report’s findings, which he called a “gross  mismanagement” that “jeopardizes American lives and cannot be tolerated.”

“This lack of interagency information sharing appears to be systemic,” he  continued.  “We witnessed similar interagency sharing problems leading up to  last month’s bombings in Boston,” he said.

“We cannot afford for history to repeat itself again,” he added.  “The  administration needs to better facilitate interagency information sharing so  that we can better thwart future terrorist attacks.”

Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) issued a statement saying, “It appears the  administration is trying to limit distribution to avoid embarrassment about how  bad some of the details are, rather than to legitimately protect identities.”

“If government officials had kept track of the people in the Witness Security  Program like they are trying to keep track of the people reviewing this report,  we wouldn’t have to read such bad news,” he said.

Not only are we talking criminal activity in the Obama administration, but  utter national security incompetence as well as simple governing incompetence.   However, it gets better or worse depending on your perspective.

The same AP story indicates that the DOJ did not update the Terrorist  Screening Center with the names of the lost terrorists.  The TSC is that watch  list that is supposed to be used to keep known or suspected terrorists off  commercial airline flights.  According to the inspector general’s office, some  who were in the witness protection program who were also on the no-fly list were  allowed to board commercial flights.

It’s obvious that we have not only incompetence at governing, but I believe  targeted criminal activity from the Obama administration.  What I mean is that  they have no idea on how to actually govern anything, but they know exactly what  they are doing in committing crimes against the people of the United States.   When is America going to have enough?

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/05/obama-has-terrorist-witness-protection-program-they-lost-several-known-or-suspected-terrorists/#ixzz2TXfhUUcb

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