Obama Has Terrorist Witness Protection Program & Lost Several Known Or Suspected Terrorists

Freedom Outpost

Did you know the Obama administration has a witness protection program for  known or suspected terrorists?  You didn’t?  Well, now you do.  On top of that  it might interest you to know that they not only have such a program, but they  have lost two or more of these known or suspected terrorists.  Thanks to the  numerous scandals the White House is immersed in, many people won’t even hear  about this.

First, according  to the Associated Press:

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Judge Says It’s Ok For Muslim Violence Against Christians

Western Journalism

If you want to experience the Middle East, you only have to travel as far as Dearborn, Michigan. This western suburb of Detroit has a population of close to 100,000. Over 40,000 of them are Arab or of Arab descent, giving Dearborn the distinction of having the largest Muslim population of any city in the United States.

The Muslims have been taking over many of the cities elected positions and have instituted many Muslim friendly ordinances. In fact the Muslim influence is so strong in Dearborn that the local high school held a girl’s only prom, since their religion does not allow girls and boys to dance or socialize together. If any other school in America did something similar based on Christian or Jewish beliefs, the ACLU and other groups would be circling the school waiting their turns to file lawsuits for violation of church and state. But these legal groups were nowhere to be seen in Dearborn.

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