Benghazi, IRS and AP Scandals Reveal Obama’s Culture of Corruption

Fox News

News that the IRS targeted conservative groups for intense scrutiny is just  one in a series of revelations pointing to a culture of expediency and  intolerance in the Obama White House that corrupts this administration.


Consider the September slayings of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other  U.S. diplomats in Benghazi. If the attack were revealed to be undertaken by  terrorists, it posed a grave embarrassment to the president’s anti-terrorism  strategy—eight weeks before the election.

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Obama knee-deep in Nixon-esque scandal

Free Republic

President Obama’s second-term campaign slogan was “Forward,” but instead we’ve got cover-ups, congressional investigations and the government persecution of political opponents and reporters.

That sounds like “backward” to me. All the way to, say, 1972.

Who would have guessed that just a few months into his second term, President Obama would be compared to Tricky Dick. And by a liberal Massachusetts Democrat — U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano.

Republicans could not even have scripted this one. The agency most hated by voters, the Internal Revenue Service, admits to going on a Nixonian witch hunt against Tea Party and conservative groups during the re-election campaign.

This is a story even the most partisan Massachusetts liberal cannot defend. It’s so bad that even Ed Markey is calling for heads to roll.

Now we learn that the Justice Department has secretly obtained the phone records of Associated Press reporters and editors in what appears to be an investigation of an AP story that disclosed details of a CIA operation that stopped a terrorist attack.

Going after the Tea Party is one thing, but the media? What an outrage. Who knows, the press may get so mad they won’t laugh at Obama’s jokes during the next White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Benghazi Scapegoat Remains In Prison For Film

By Shaun Waterman

The man who made the anti-Islam film that the Obama administration  erroneously blamed for the Benghazi terror attacks remains in federal prison  eight months later, serving a yearlong sentence for probation violations  stemming from his involvement with the video.

Mark Basseley Youssef, who made the film “Innocence of the Muslims” under the  pseudonym “Sam Bacile,” was sentenced in November after pleading guilty to four  violations of a supervised release order, which included lying to his probation  officer, assuming aliases and using the Internet, according to court  records.

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Jury Concludes that FRAUD Put President Obama on the Ballot in 2008

The Daily Sheeple

A decision handed down by an Indiana jury in late April 2013 has concluded that outright fraud put both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the ballot in that state in 2008.

Two Democratic operatives in the state were convicted of the illegal scheme.

A Fox News report provided the details:

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