DHS Whistleblower Says War On Terror Is A Charade – Real Targets Are American Patriots

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Julia Davis, a former Customs and Border Protections Officer, was falsely  declared a domestic terrorist and subjected to retaliatory efforts against her  by the Department of Homeland Security.  Her home was raided by a 27 man “special response team.”  She was twice falsely arrested and imprisoned, but  later exonerated.  She is now a national security expert and has put out a  historical documentary titled Top Priority:  The Terror Within.  She  claims that the War On Terror by the Department of Homeland Security is a  charade and that the agency seems to be targeting concerned American patriots.

Davis says her documentary is about her time with DHS in dealing with  applicants from countries with ties to terrorism, who are seeking to come into  the United States.

She says that they had “very specific alerts” that on July 4, 2004 that  members of Al-Qaeda would be attempting to cross the border from Mexico into the  US.  The land port where Ms. Davis worked is the largest and busiest land port  in the world, San Ysidro Port.  She says that Islamic clerics say this is the best place to  breech the US border because of the large number of people coming through.

She says that she began to input the information into the DHS database, which  she was required to do as a supervisor, and she noticed that she had a high  number of people from terrorist countries set to come through her port on July  4.  She says there were 23 people form terrorist countries who were to be  admitted into the US on that day.  She said the average number of people coming  from terrorist countries would normally be 5-10 per month.  So to have 23 in a  ten hour span was “alarming.”

But it goes further.  Davis says that none of these people were subjected to  routine checks that were in place for applicants from terrorist countries.   According to Davis, “They were supposed to be fingerprinted.  They were supposed  to be asked why they left the US, why they were coming back, where they were  living… all these different procedures that would have taken approximately an  hour for each person.  None of it was done.”

In fact, in some of the cases, the individuals didn’t fill out the paperwork  or provide the documents they were supposed to in order to come into the United  States.

Davis indicated that the Port Director was not informed about the situation  and that when she went higher up to Intel and she said she “nearly fell down” when she found a “closed door.”  The entire Intel office was “given the day off  so that they could Bar-B-Q on the Fourth of July.”  Ultimately there was no one  that she could report her findings to.  Coincidence?  I think not.

The Port Director wasn’t worried either.  He simply told her to put it in  their box and they would get to it when they had opportunity.  This was in  direct opposition to what their manual stated was to happen, according to Ms.  Davis.  They were to get the information to a joint terrorism task force.

That night, since she was no longer under the Port Director’s orders, she  contacted the FBI to inform them of the situation.  In her mind, she was simply  being patriotic and informing people who should be able to use the information  to deal with a very real threat.  She simply wanted to make sure that while  others were barbequing that nothing was going to be blown up in the United  States.

From that time on, every day when she came to work she was being investigated  for one thing or another.  She says everything they brought up to here was  frivolous and ridiculous and she believes it was an attempt to get her fired to  discredit anything she would say.  All of this was because the FBI knew the  information and DHS was embarrassed that the information came to them the way it  did.

Within a period of two weeks, Davis was the subject of 19 investigations.  By  the time she sued Homeland Security there had been 54 investigations!  On top of  that, she was declared a domestic terrorist!  My fellow Americans, this is a  woman that sought to ensure the safety of our border!  She was vigilant at her  job and according to what she is saying, our government, if the allegations are  true, has acted not only negligently against the American people, but criminally  against her.

Davis’ home was raided by a 27 man SWAT team in a Blackhawk helicopter.  She  said they spent more time and utilized more man power raiding her home without a  warrant than the government used to raid the alleged compound of Osama bin  Laden.

Davis believes that no one dealt with the issue she brought forward because  either they were derelict of duty or, more likely, there was corruption.  She  said that the Customs Department is historically one of the most corrupt  agencies, especially the land port where she worked.  In fact, she said that her  border crossing had a Port Director who was caught taking bribes to allow people  to come across.  She also said there were intel reports that came up later which  indicated that Arab nationals were offering $5,000 per person to allow  individuals across the border without facing any scrutiny.

When asked what she thought about DHS and their priorities, Davis said:

“It makes me think that he so-called ‘War on Terror’ is more of a charade and  that the priority of the agency seems to be to target concerned citizens and  whistleblowers because in my case… they sent an airplane to follow me… they had  eight agents at a time following me… they used airplanes, vehicles, helicopters… they used OnStar to listen to what was being said in our cars.”

As her lawsuit progressed, she says she obtained documentation of why DHS  said she was a domestic terrorist.  According to the documentation, DHS labeled  David a domestic terrorist “for derogatory statements made in her filings and in  her articles about the Department of Homeland Security.”  Well I guess I know  what I’m labeled then, eh?

Davis believes that DHS acts in this way so that they don’t have to follow  the laws (something people like Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain agree  with) and not have to follow the Constitution.  Keep in mind though that  we are not talking about the DHS under Barack Obama, but the DHS under George W.  Bush.

Since the release of her film, their family’s stores have been raided by DHS  and they are under continual surveillance.  She also has a number of electronic  interruptions as well.  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audited them along  with their attorneys who assisted her as she prevailed against DHS.

There is more in the video, which you will want to see.  However, even after  she is exonerated, DHS continues to hound her.  This is not freedom.  This is  not liberty.  This is not justice.  This is the face of tyranny and yes, it’s  here in the US.

Watch the trailer of Top Priority: The Terror Within below:

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/05/dhs-whistleblower-says-war-on-terror-is-a-charade-real-targets-are-american-patriots/#ixzz2SHAxiJH7

5 thoughts on “DHS Whistleblower Says War On Terror Is A Charade – Real Targets Are American Patriots

  1. No surprise at all. Just imagine how much worse it is now under the reign of O.

  2. I know its been awhile since Ive made any comments. Ive mostly been sitting back watching and listening, and what Ive seen and heard disturbs me. This country is turning into a police state. A Dictatorship. If my home was raided like that, with no consideration of the rule of law on thier account, Ill return the favor. We all need to be ready and willing to do this, and in my area- we are!

    • The only thing wrong with that is that you and your family would be the only ones that would know the truth. The truth may not come out for years due to a massive cover-up, just like everything this adminstration does.

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