The Barack Obama Presidential Library

American Thinker

The  George W. Bush Presidential Library is being dedicated and opened this week.  This prompts a thought: what might the future Barack Obama Presidential Library  look like?

Libraries  dedicated to presidents are a combination of shrines, archives, monuments and  sites meant to inspire. Wherever the site, it is never too soon to start the  planning.

Moonbattery Photo

Moonbattery Photo

Here  are some thoughts provided as a public service to my nation.

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Benghazi report: Trinkets of treason

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We are witnessing one of the biggest government cover-ups since Watergate. A cover-up that involves murder, arms trafficking, and lies by high ranking officials under oath.

It involves the murderous attacks in Benghazi, and congressional investigators just released a 46-page interim progress report that at least exposes Hillary Rodham Clinton and the White House lying under oath. Where’s the accountability? Where’s the outrage? Where’s the media?

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Hands Off Jihadists, Arrest Patriots

American Thinker

The  FBI has a double standard when it targets people suspected as threats to our  national security.  How could they have questioned the now deceased Boston  bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, placed him on a terrorist watch list, and entered him  into a database  for suspected international terrorists, but let him roam free until he blew  somebody up?


How  could the FBI have allowed Major Nidal Hasan, who ended up murdering 13 people  in Ft. Hood, Texas, to keep his rank and continue to teach even when they had  evidence that he was in contact with a known terrorist?  And how could they  have cuffed and thrown into jail with lightning speed a patriot like ex-Marine  Brandon Raub of Chesterfield, Virginia, whose only apparent violation was  political incorrectness through his right to free speech?


Why  does America’s justice system treat alleged radical criminals with kid gloves  while patriots are guilty until proven innocent?

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Officials Found Guilty in Obama- Clinton Ballot Petition Fraud

Fox News

By Eric Shawn

A jury in South Bend, Indiana has found that fraud put President Obama and  Hillary Clinton on the presidential primary ballot in Indiana in the 2008  election. Two Democratic political operatives were convicted Thursday night in  the illegal scheme after only three hours of deliberations. They were found  guilty on all counts.

Former longtime St. Joseph County Democratic party Chairman Butch Morgan  Jr.  was found guilty of felony conspiracy counts to commit petition fraud  and forgery, and former county Board of Elections worker Dustin Blythe was found  guilty of felony forgery counts and falsely making a petition, after being  accused of faking petitions that enabled Obama, then an Illinois Senator, to get  on the presidential primary ballot for his first run for the White House.

Morgan was accused of being the mastermind behind the plot.

According to testimony from two former Board of Election officials who pled  guilty, Morgan ordered Democratic officials and workers to fake the names and  signatures that Obama and Clinton needed to qualify for the presidential race.  Blythe, then a Board of Elections employee and Democratic Party volunteer, was  accused of forging multiple pages of the Obama petitions.

“I think this helped uphold the integrity of the electoral system,” the  prosecutor, Stan Levco told reporters.

“Their verdict of guilt is not a verdict against Democrats, but for honest  and fair elections,” he said.

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Judge Marianne Bowler Who Mirandized Boston Bomber Has Ties To Muslim Countries

Gateway Pundit

Creeping Sharia?


FrontPageMag has the following to report:

Judge Bowler has some interesting international connections. She is a member of the Member of the International Judicial Relations Committee of the Judicial Conference of the United States.

Apparently in that capacity, she visited and spoke on legal issues at a number of Muslim countries, becoming the first female judge to speak in Kuwait, appearing also in Egypt and in the United Arab Emirates.

Oddly enough, aside from a visit to the US embassy in Belgrade, those are the only international appearances that she lists and they all take place in Muslim countries.

While Islamic infiltration of our political system is well known, the infiltration of our legal system is less well known, but operates within similar parameters with foreign contacts being made. There is no way of knowing how much Bowler has been influenced by her connections with the legal and political systems of the Muslim world, but it is telling that her international judicial relations appear to begin and end with the Muslim world.

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When Will Enough Be Enough America?

Freedom Outpost

If the reality hasn’t dawned on you by now, you may well be a leftist.

The truth is that I cannot recall in my lifetime when our government has been  so corrupt, so filled with lawless individuals who only think of themselves and  not what is truly best for Americans.

America has a government that is slowly strangling the liberty out of its  citizens and even though there are plenty of conservatives who rail against it,  work to change it, and understand what is coming if we fail, the difficulty is  that those in our government (aided and abetted by the media) do what they want  to do anyway, often in total disregard for the rule of law.  It’s not only  maddeningly frustrating, but it goes against the very core of the  Constitution.

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FBI intercepted terror financing of Chechen guerrillas through Saudis

Wayne Madsen Report

Although the FBI ignored multiple warnings from Russian law enforcement that one of the two accused Boston Marathon bombers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, may have posed a terror threat to the United States, the FBI had intercepted a major Islamist financial support operation run through an Islamic charity linked to Saudi Arabia.

The FBI, which is in a major cover-up mode, initially stated that it received one inquiry from Russian law enforcement in 2011. After interviewing Tsarnaev, the FBI cleared him of any terrorist links. However, after a closed hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee on April 23, Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) said the FBI was alerted “multiple times” about Tsarnaev’s contacts with radical Islamist groups. Burr said that at least one of those contacts was after October 2011.

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