Nothing Like Armed Terrorists In A State That Loves Gun Control

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It is reported that two of the suspects in the Boston marathon bombing were  in possession of 2 handguns and an “M4 carbine” and yet they were both residents  of Massachusetts, a state with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the  country.  On top of that we can look to the laws that Massachusetts legislators  have imposed upon its citizens and see how difficult it is for law abiding  citizens in Massachusetts to legally obtain firearms.  Now if you are a liberal  or some other form  of Socialist, Communist or Utopian you would think this  makes the state safer.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, it  became quite apparent this week that you don’t have to have a gun in  Massachusetts to be deadly and even those who are suspected of using bombs had  firearms and neither of the Tsarvaev brothers had a state issued license to  purchase a firearm, yet they had them because, well that’s what criminals do;  they break the law.

However, Mike Sweeney at the Daily Caller exposes four facts about gun laws  in Massachusetts and how they applied to the bombing suspects, Dzhokhar and  Tamerlan Tsarnaev.  He writes:

Fact 1. Neither of the Tsarnaev brothers was legally  able to be in possession of the firearms used during the shootouts and following  attempted escape.

Fact 2.  The “M4 carbine” that they were allegedly in  possession of is illegal to possess in Massachusetts.  IF, and this is a  big IF this was a newly manufactured Colt M4 carbine as the NYT reports, and it  wasn’t modified after leaving the factory, it would be classified an “Assault  Weapon” by the state of MA C. 140: S. 121 applies to the definition and C. 140:  S. 131M applies to the possession.  Without going into great detail, the  only way a MA resident can legally possess an AR style semi automatic rifle is  to have an LTC in good standing and for the rifle to meet strict standards as to  which cosmetic features it has; otherwise it is considered an “assault rifle” by  the state, possession of which is a felony.

Fact 3. Just as it was illegal for them to be in  possession of the M4 carbine, it was illegal for them to be in possession of any  type of handgun.  Possession of a handgun in MA requires the same LTC  license in good standing as issued by the state.  Once again neither of the  Tsarnaev brothers was eligible nor met the state’s requirements to be issued an  LTC.

Fact 4:  The MGL’s of the state of MA were completely  disregarded by the Tsarnaev brothers.  On every level and at every step the  laws on our books did nothing to deter their criminal actions.

Another law would have done nothing to stop these men from obtaining  these arms.  It would not have stopped them from obtaining pressure cookers or the materials to build the bombs.  Stopping them from immigrating the the United States would  have!

Understand something though.  Thousands of citizens were living in fear of  two men.  They were told to stay inside their homes and not go out if they  didn’t have to till these guys were apprehended.  Then they were placed in full  lockdown and as you can see in a previous video, they were having their Fourth Amendment  rights violated right along with their Second Amendment rights.

I must say that the people of Massachusetts are receiving the fruits of what  they are allowing.  Some will call me insensitive.  That’s OK.  I don’t mean my  statements to be insensitive to victims who have lost their lives or those  injured in the bombings.  I’m referencing as a whole, people who have allowed  their government to virtually disarm them, cause them to cower in fear and then  be subjected to warrantless searches that wound make the Founders roll over in  their graves.

The Second Amendment exists for a specific reason and that reason is  contained in the Amendment itself.  The specific part I reference is the little  section that reads, “being necessary to the security of a free state.”

Did anyone think they were looking at a “free state” in Boston this past  week? Hmmm?  Neither did I.  I can tell you though that if something like that  would have taken place in my neck of the woods and a suspected bomber was on the  loose, he would have either been shot and killed or at the very least been held  up by a law abiding citizen with a gun or three.

You didn’t see anything of the sort in Boston and friends this leads me to  say that terrorism comes in many forms.  How many families had dozens of guns  pointed at them as their homes were illegally raided?  How many officers took  oaths not to engage in such things and yet engaged in them anyway?

When it comes to liberty, no US citizen should be denied the access to arms,  for when they are, the only people that have them are law enforcement (which are  responders, not preventers) and criminals.  We see how this worked out this past  week in Boston and yet we are still being told that we need more gun control by  the same Socialists who welcome Islam into our White House and into our nation.

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4 thoughts on “Nothing Like Armed Terrorists In A State That Loves Gun Control

  1. Evil and, or crazy people will procure what they need when they need it to kill good people. I am sure other very bad things will happen again on a small scale whith guns. We must be able to protect ourselves from evil. The police and government in Boston showed a large amount of strength and fire power. BUT, AFTER THE FACT ! In almost all cases it is that way. That is why they have investigators. To put together what happened AFTER the fact. Wake up people !

  2. I have always made comments of after the fact. How many times have the police spoke to a murder suspect. Or caught a murderer. How often have you heard the police talk to a potential murder suspect ? Its all a joke. Just a joke !

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