Obama Fizzles Out

The  man is slipping from the limelight. The marquee man from MSM and Hollywood and  Vine is headed for Sunset Boulevard.

Right  from the start of his 2008 campaign, the MSM gave Obama the star treatment. He  was their main event. He was billed as a transformational figure — a visionary  who would (1) unify the country and (2) lead us to a fairer economic prosperity  and (3) bring us respect abroad in a world of lessened  tensions.

In  2009 Newsweek editor Evan Thomas summed up the MSM adoration of Obama when he said, “I mean in a way Obama’s standing above  the country, above — above the world, he’s sort of God.”

The  god-factor resulted in a de facto “don’t ask don’t tell” pact between  Obama and the media. The media didn’t ask Obama to detail his hope and change  and he didn’t tell. Gods don’t have to explain themselves. It was just hope and  change — trust me (“Just give us our orders” Chris Matthews). That gave Obama an air of mystery  that simply enhanced his front-page appeal.

The  mystery element has been crucial to Obama’s success. It made him impervious to  conventional political attacks and attacks on his person. A twenty-year  association with an America-bashing Reverend Wright? His association with Ayers?  His college records? How petty. How droll. These might be questions one asked of  an ordinary politician, but not a man of high-minded vision who would unite us  on our path to his mysterious place where all of us get a fair shot and a fair  shake and leave our petty biases and prejudices behind.

Moreover,  his demeanor was that of a leader above the fray and hurly-burly of beltway  politics. Not only was he a man of style and grace with a captivating smile, but  a seer whose political vision was neither of the hackneyed leftist or rightist  variety. Obama was charting a new “centrist” course through the Scylla and  Charybdis of the old antagonisms between left and right. One doesn’t ask such a  figure for his passport or birth certificate.

The de facto “don’t ask/don’t tell” pact Obama had with the media began to  crumble as far back as 2011 with this outburst from HardBall Matthews

There’s  no Peace Corps, there is no Special Forces, there is no 50-miles hikes, there’s no moon program, there’s nothing to root  for. What are we trying to do in this administration? Why does he want a second  term? Would he tell us? What’s he going to do in the second term? More of this?  Is this it? Is this as good as it gets? Where are we going? Are we going to do  something the second term? He has yet to tell us. He has not said one thing what  he’s going to do in the second term. He never tells what he’s going to do with  regard to reforming our healthcare  systems, Medicare, Medicaid, how is he  going to reform Social Security? Is he going to deal with long-term debt? How?  Is he going to reform the tax system? How? Just tell us. Why are we in this  fight with him? Just tell us, commander, give us our orders [italics added] and  tell us where we’re going,

By  2011 even [sic] Evan Thomas felt comfortable blasting his former  “God.”

He’s not being honest about just how bad this is  going to be — no, he was partisan. He was God [bleep] Democrat! He was just,  you know — being a party guy.

Since  then it has became harder and harder for MSM to spin Obama as a visionary and  unifier with transformational powers in domestic or foreign  policy.

(1)The great unifier?

Obama  the great unifier who is above the fray of politics-as-usual? In fact, it is  readily apparent that he is just the reverse. When it comes to getting out the  vote, it’s identity politics in spades (Okay — choke on that). Out comes the  community organizer — resentment mongering, class warfare, evil  bankers.

As  Karl Rove recently wrote in a WSJ article,

President Obama likes pretending he floats above  politics. In fact, he is the most compulsively partisan president in modern  times. Everything he says and does is better understood through a partisan  lens.

(2)Leading us to a fairer economic prosperity?

The  domestic policies he has put forward so far have all the innovative cachet of a  plain old tax-and-spend left-wing  Democrat.  They might as well be the initiatives of a Carter or even a Johnson. How does  Obama’s war on poverty differ from President Johnson’s? Granted the level of  nastiness and coercion, especially from Holder’s DOJ, has risen to a Mafia-like  shakedown level but the economics are basically the same. His latest  “compromise” budget proposal has even drawn ire from both sides of the  aisle. If his own party is willing to take him to task he  has definitely lost his transformational status.

(3)Respect abroad in a world of lessened  tensions?

As  regards his foreign policy, which was to create “mutual respect” between the  Islamic world and the U.S., even Thomas Friedman of the NYTadmits that the Arab Spring and Obama support of the  Muslim Brotherhood is a bust. And as for in general improving the image or  status of the U.S. abroad by leading from behind — well, it doesn’t seem that Russia, China, or North  Korea have quite got the respect part. What the president has accomplished is  alienating and diminishing our status with former allies. To wit, the recent  snub of the legacy of Margaret Thatcher which just makes him seem small and unpresidential.

It’s  hard to spin any of this into superstar status. It has become well-nigh  impossible to see anything special or visionary about Obama’s presidency.  Clearly, he is on the path from being seen as a transcendent, transformational  leader to being seen as a humdrum, run-of-the mill progressive with all the  charisma of a Dukakis. Next we will see a cartoon from Ramirez with Obama’s head  sticking out of tank emblazoned with “tax-and-spend.”

But  the decline and fall of the MSM spin is giving some rise to the “fringe” CPA  spin on Obama. The CPA thesis (spin) is that Obama, like his classmates in pre-law at Columbia (class of ’83), was smitten by the  Cloward-Piven-Alinskyite strategy to bring down the white-power, racist  capitalist system and turn America into a socialist state. The CPA plan is that  America could be destroyed from within by overwhelming the system with debt,  welfare, and entitlements. This would proceed by inducing more and more of the  American populace to become dependent on welfare, food  stamps, disability, and unemployment. The resulting collapse of the  system would trigger the crisis needed to bring in a socialist state as the  saving alternative to the failed, evil capitalist system. Indeed, that may be  what motivates President Obama. But all of that is dismissed by MSM as lunatic  hysteria.

But  the CPA spin, if anything, is beginning to seem less looney and the MSM spin of  Obama, as the transformational visionary who would bring us unity at home and  abroad, is looking more and more like a stupid teenage crush.

Even  the thoughtful and fair-minded Ben Stein is  troubled with the vision of a CPA President,

And  what will become of America when Obama has disarmed us, as he openly plans to  do? There will be no more glorious America. These truly may be the final days,  the end times. I guess at some level, possibly a very deep level, Mr. Obama does  not want America to survive. The Manchurian Candidate. I pray I am  wrong.

So  the MSM is stuck. The CPA spin is looney and their own spin has unraveled. For  the MSM, Obama might as well be Humpty Dumpty. All the MSM horses and the  MSM men can’t put the spin back together again. The MSM is locked into a  position where Obama is neither demon nor savior. There is no story there. They  are stuck with their Beau Brummell in the White House looking more and more like  just another hackneyed leftist politician of the Carter-Mondale variety who never really had anything new to offer. The MSM is left with a red  face and a would-be in the attic.

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5 thoughts on “Obama Fizzles Out

  1. barack HUSSEIN obama. What the hell is that ? Ever see pictures of his family ? Or some of the bio on them, Scary ! Kenya, my home sweet home. Alot of his people are waiting fo some of his stash. Remember that ? He was not born here. THROW HIM THE HELL OUT !!!!!!!

  2. Some time back with the elimination of osama bin laden you may recall his announcement! ” Tonight Justice has been done! ” at that time I remember thinking to myself wrong asshole you are still breathing you son of a bitch and when you stop breathing then Justice will have truely been done!

  3. Obama remains an ineffectual lout selected exclusively for his ability to be manipulated by his handlers.

    Since when does a Harvard educated man believe that Hawaii is part of Asia; that there are 57 states; or that “corpsemen” serve in our armed forces?

    • Barry may have gone to Harvard, but his education was bought and paid for. It is my undersyanding that the Saudies paid for it.

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