We Don’t Seem To Have Learned Much From 9/11

Family Security Matters

As we pray for the victims of the attack in Boston, let us continue to pray  for those who were maimed and injured and have a long road to recovery ahead;  some may never fully recover.

Please also remember, this was not a “TRAGEDY.” It is incredibly insensitive  and irresponsible to call terrorist attacks “tragedies.” A tornado is a tragedy.  An earthquake is a tragedy.

This was an “ATROCITY.”

And yet as we arise the day after this latest attack, we have evidently  learned so little from the past.

Once again, our politicians are treating this event as a Toastmasters  meeting, all lining up to put their 2¢ in. And what are so many-too many-of them  saying? That we will bring who ever did this to “JUSTICE.”


This was an act of WAR and we are STILL talking about “justice?” Will we EVER  learn?

This is not a law enforcement problem. The images we have seen from Boston  make it all too clear that law enforcement is not equipped to deal with this.  First responders are indeed heroes, but let’s face it: the First Responders  mostly come in to clean up the horrible mess AFTER an attack.

We may not have figured out how to deal with this type of warfare-some of us  haven’t at least-but at some point one would hope that we could at least reach  some consensus that it is indeed war and not crime. Yet everywhere I look this  morning, I see references to “crime” and “justice.”


Just three weeks ago, the US State Department and Department of Homeland  Security, in their infinite wisdom, granted Saudi nationals “trusted traveler”  status. This streamlines the entry process for travelers from Saudi Arabia. This  development comes after the State Department relaxed visa requirements for  Saudis. Keep in mind that Great   Britain is not part of the “trusted traveler”  status program. Nor is Australia. But Saudi Arabia is.

In case you don’t recall, 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudi. Saudi  Arabia supplied more foreign fighters fighting US troops in Iraq than any other  nation. Saudi Arabians fund Jihad more than any nation, with the exception of  Iran. And Wahhabi Islam, the official state religion of Saudi Arabia, gave birth  to Al Qaeda in the first place.

Within the last month the State Department announced its intention to expand  the number of young people from Muslim nations coming to the US on student  visas. The rationale for this move is based on the theory that such people will  like us if we let them study here.

I guess they never heard of Sayyid Qutb. Or Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Or  Mohammed Atta. Or Mousa Abu Marzook. Or Wadih El Hage. Google those names-all  came to the US for academic reasons and all became committed Jihadist  leaders.

And to top it all off, the crack Transportation Security Administration  announced not long ago that they would now allow small knives on airliners. What  could go wrong?

Our so-called “leaders” and our bureaucratized counterterror apparatus  evidently learned NOTHING from 9/11.

Monday showed it.

It’s September 10th in America again.

Read more: Family Security Matters http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/we-dont-seem-to-have-learned-much-from-911?f=must_reads#ixzz2QiHRRwM3 Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

4 thoughts on “We Don’t Seem To Have Learned Much From 9/11

  1. We the People have learned… that our corrupt government is now complicit in promoting and enabling further terrorist activity in America in order to facilitate their leftist agenda.

    • And according to our corrupt government, there is no war on terror. I guess somebody forgot to tell the terrorist.

  2. I have NEVER understood how it was possible to allow thousands upon thousands of Muslims into our country almost over night AFTER 9/11!
    They came “without background checks”…..Why?

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