Weiner’s ‘Sexting’ Revelations Miss the Real Juicy Stuff: Huma’s Muslim Brotherhood Connections

Family Security Matters

In 8,000 words, the paper “of record” could find no room to mention Abedin’s  far more significant scandal in her own right. I refer to Abedin’s extensively  documented familial and professional ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

These ties start with Abedin’s parents, who were recruited by Abdullah Omar  Naseef, a leading Muslim Brotherhood figure and later financier of the al-Qaida  terror network, to run a Saudi-supported think tank in Jeddah. The think tank  produces a publication called the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs.

Having studied the inter-relationships among the Abedin family, the Saudi  government and the Brotherhood in depth, former federal prosecutor Andrew C.  McCarthy explains the academic concept of “Muslim minority  affairs” – which, in effect, constitute the Saudi-funded, Brotherhood-supervised  Abedin family business – as “shorthand for a long-term, high-priority policy to  spread Islam until, finally, it comes to dominate the non-Islamic nations of the  world.”

To be sure, this is a giant red flag over the background of someone whom Van  Meter describes as the secretary of state’s “senior adviser.”

Meanwhile, he writes, “Clinton is a mother figure to Huma.” Bill officiated  at the Abedin-Weiner wedding. How can anyone with insight into Abedin’s  jihad-network connections – which includes her own long association with jihad  financier Naseef – not wonder whether Muslim Brotherhood influence subverted the  secretary of state’s policy-making during the “Arab Spring”? A less superficial  investigation of the Abedin-Clinton relationship might help explain why the U.S.  calamitously supports Muslim Brotherhood efforts to come to power across the  Middle East.

As Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., discovered last summer, however, asking a  responsible question about this apparent national security scandal is taboo. We  finally accept that Alger Hiss was a Soviet agent executing Communist strategy  through the secretary of state’s office in the 1940s, but we ignore evidence of  global Islamic influence inside the U.S. government today. We find ourselves  benumbed by sex-scandal details – the ultimate diversion from truly grave issues  of fitness for office.

The fact is, if Abedin’s Muslim Brotherhood connections compromised the  secretary of state, they would compromise her husband’s mayoral run in New York  City – and, come to think of it, her “mother figure’s” run for the White  House.

Read more: Family Security Matters http://familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/weiners-sexting-revelations-miss-the-real-juicy-stuff-humas-muslim-brotherhood-connections#ixzz2QLWS9sRg Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

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