Obama Regime to Benghazi Mom: Just Shut Up


First they told her that her son had been killed not by Islamic terrorists but by an obscure American YouTube video. Now they just want Patricia Smith to shut up:

“They don’t tell me much. They want me to shut up. … I was told, and I really would rather not say by who, [though] I can if you need it, but I was told that I’m causing a lot of problems and to shut up. … I told them ‘I will not! I will not shut up until I find out what really happened!’”

She is not about to forget Sean Smith, killed directly by al Qaeda–affiliated terrorists and indirectly by the irresponsibility, incompetence, and/or perfidy of the Obama Regime. Neither should we.

obama watched them die benghazi

4 thoughts on “Obama Regime to Benghazi Mom: Just Shut Up

  1. More concerned about his campaign schedule than our Embassy officials. Then to shamelessly lie about it …..

  2. Mrs. Smith has great self control in my opinion! Had they said something to me like that concerning one of my loved ones they would have gotten a massive ear full that I do not intend to elaborate on any further and I would have had a three way phone hook up with perhap the Hannity or Limbaugh shows getting it over the air as it occurred!

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    Obama Regime to Benghazi Mom: Just Shut Up

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