If You’re Not Yet Afraid Of Government…

Most people think we can learn from history.

Consider the emergence of the Communist Party (Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin) and  the National Socialist Party (Hitler) after WW I.  These parties arose in  response to the horrors of that war.  Poison gas was unleashed, machine guns  were used, as many as 60,000 men died in a single day in a single battle.  The  world, it seemed, was unhinged.  Terrible things never before imagined were  inflicted on the human race and the wisdom of the past seemed outmoded.  Despair  was the order of the day.


Enter Communism and National Socialism (an extreme form of fascism).  Each  promised its own utopia, a world better than the one revealed by WWI.

Vladimir Tismaneanu in a new book on Communism and fascism, The Devil in  History, describes the 1917 Bolshevik revolution as follows:

“It annihilated the mechanisms of limited government, as envisaged by the  liberal tradition, and it founded a despotic system defined by an unprecedented  disregard for the individual and the rule of law.  It was a gigantic historical  adventure meant to bring about heaven on earth, to materialize utopia. ” p.92

Sound familiar?  “Bring about heaven on earth?”

“Hope and change?”   It cannot have escaped the notice of anyone that Obama  supporters are true believers.  Many wept at the election returns.  Others have  called him the Messiah.  One national news magazine referred to Obama’s  re-election as “The Second Coming.”  Like Hitler, Lenin and Stalin, Obama’s  frame of reference is Utopia.

Annihilation of limited government?

The Health Care Bill (Obamacare) was a usurpation of limited government on a  scale never before experienced in this country.  The Constitution grants the  federal government limited powers, not general powers.  General powers are  reserved to the states, expressly.  There is no Constitutional authority for a  federal health care law, but the government, claiming that health care is a  matter of interstate commerce, usurped the authority to institute federal health  care.  Under the government’s interpretation of interstate commerce, there is  nothing it could not regulate, no power it could not exercise.

Disregard for the individual?

The general goal of Nazism and Communism is the destruction of the individual  psyche, for the theory of both is that the state has the “correct” answer to  every problem and the protections offered by checks and balances are not needed.  Obama agrees.  Since he cannot possibly get a restrictive gun confiscation  through Congress, he has taken matters into presidential hands and signed 23  executive orders concerning guns.  And this comes at a time when the Supreme  Court has just declared that individual citizens have a constitutional right to  own guns.

Careless of the rule of law?

Recently the First Circuit Court of Appeals declared that Obama’s interim  appointments to high government positions without the approval of the Senate was  unconstitutional.  Instead of waiting for Senate approval of appointments to the  NLRB, Obama appointed those who had supported his re-election, perhaps knowing  he could not get Senate approval.   But Obama says he will not obey the Court’s  ruling.  This is an unprecedented contempt for the law on a level with his  refusal to enforce immigration laws which require deportation of illegal aliens.  In both cases, refusing to obey the law serves his political agenda.

Obama, like Communists, National Socialists, and Fascists, believes in a  utopia.  In Obamatopia there is no ugly conflict, for there is nothing the  government cannot regulate, there is no limitation on government action, for the  president can ignore Congress and the courts as he pleases, and there is no rule  of law, for the government defines the law, obeying those laws it likes and  disobeying the others.

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/04/if-youre-not-yet-afraid-of-government/#ixzz2Q0SDkpKi

3 thoughts on “If You’re Not Yet Afraid Of Government…

  1. BEWARE of barack HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH obama !

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