Time to Sequester Air Force One Vacation Flights

You know, if Obama actually did some work, he would deserve a vacation once in a while. However, from day one he has blamed everyone else for his problems. From George Bush, Congress, the internet, ATM’s,  the list goes on and on. He asked for the job but apparently he either can’t do the work, doesn’t know how to work or doesn’t want to work. I say it’s all three but that’s just my opinion.

1 Dragon

4 thoughts on “Time to Sequester Air Force One Vacation Flights

  1. Hell I suggested this to My Senators and Senator Paul over 2 months ago along with defunding DHS,EPA,IRS,HOLDER AND THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT ALONG WITH TSA AND NLRB! Most all of these Departments have added thousands of illegal immigrants as employees along with obamas muslim friends family members and has used these hirings to declare that the recession and unemployment status was over!

  2. Unemployment has not decreased regardless of the white muslim mosque reports to the American people! This son of satan is a bold faced damn lying son of a whie bitch dog and is satans own demon! You cannot support all of the perversions and the murders and other criminal acts and be anything other than the most evil of evils that comes directly via the rulervof this earth Satan!

    • Can’t tell me there is no Satan for if there wasn’t one, there wouldn’t be so much evil.

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