DHS Tells Border Patrol They Have Ammo Shortage

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I know, you are probably thinking like I am after reading the title, “You’ve  got to be kidding!”  I’m not.  Even after the Department of Homeland Security  indicated that they had  nearly 264 million rounds of ammunition back near the end of November 2012,  they have sent out an email to Border Patrol agents yesterday informing them  that they will not be issued any new proficiency ammunition for next quarter.

Townhall  obtained an email sent to Border Patrol agents stationed in the El Centro border  sector by a supervisor:

Enforcement Personnel,

Due to budget concerns and ammunition availability, we will not be getting  issued any proficiency ammunition for next quarter.  In addition to these  reductions, we are also being limited to qualification ammo only.    What this means to you is that you will not receive the normal 150 rounds for  practice and we will not have any extra ammunition for a combat course following  normal qualifications.
If you have the ammunition available and would  like extra practice during your qualification day, the firearms instructors will  have a training course available for Indio Station Personnel, keeping in mind  basic marksmanship skills as well as tactical training with a limited amount of  ammunition.  You are not required to bring your own ammunition.
If  you do not have extra ammo to bring, you will be given extra time to clean and  maintain your issued handgun as well as station long arms.
If you have  any questions about this quarters (sic) quals please feel free to send me your  concerns.


According to my previous  calculations, not only did DHS inform Tom Coburn that they had an inventory  at that time of nearly 264 million round of ammunition (figure that was 73% of  the previous three years purchases), but they had also budgeted over $37 million  to be spent on ammunition in fiscal year 2013.

The local chapter 2554 of the  National Border Patrol Council asks, “We get a 32% pay cut, even though Congress  gave CBP enough money to cover salaries, and now we can’t even maintain  proficiency with our service weapons to defend ourselves in the field…..Why is  there an ammunition shortage? Why can’t Border Patrol agents get enough  ammunition to maintain proficiency, especially at a time of increased  cross-border smuggling and illegal activity? Where is all this ammunition  going?”

This is serious national security threat as well when your border agents are  not properly armed.  However, it is a logical extension from an administration  who has already admonished them to not fire their weapons, but run, hide and  throw things.

Yes, it does make you wonder doesn’t it?  Some of us have a pretty good idea  too, which is why we are preparing for the worst.

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/04/dhs-tells-border-patrol-they-have-ammo-shortage/#ixzz2PhoCMVCH

6 thoughts on “DHS Tells Border Patrol They Have Ammo Shortage

  1. Look their Czar has already been seen to be a lying sack of shit bitch so what do you expect truth in operation! What a laugh! This decietful bunch of animals are the ones preparing to murder Americans Citizens and time is drawing near as the lead criminal is pushing the envelope within the next year 2 at the outside!

    • Just keep an open eye or ear for next Wednesday, just in case North Korea decides to try and save face.

  2. If DHS is experiencing an ammo shortage, Janet Napolitano needs to be fired and imprisoned.

    This specious claim illustrates that they will go to any measure to keep the borders wide open.

    • I heard something the other day about most of the ammo is being stored some where in New Mexico. Seems like a strange location, being so close to the border.

  3. I find it more likely that it is being stored in multiple locations so as to make it easy to access. Barry and his army are getting ready and dont want to share with anyone who wont fire on Americans. My contacts in Law enforcement- which spans 4 states and from the city level to federal levels are not only PERSONALLY stocking up on ammo, weapons, and survival gear, they are resorting to reloading in order to spend at least an hour or two on the range versus an average of 5 hours a week depending on the agency. When our own local Law enforcement cant keep in practice because they stand on the oath they took, and they refuse to fire on Americans, Barry throws a temper tantrum and takes away the ammo. The reason for the shortage is 2 fold. 1- lots of people are waking up and getting ready for a fight. 2-Barry has initiated contracts with the ammo companies to fill orders for sections of the government first. 9mm and .40 cal are standard issue handguns. 5.56/.223 are medium range battle rifles- AR-15’s, M-4’s, etc.(The ones they want banned). And finally .308- long range battle rifles(AR-10) and standard issue Sniper Rifles with a range of about 700-800 yards depending on how its loaded. Do the math people- they are preparing, why arent we?

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