Uh-Oh: Chief Justice John Roberts Hit By Credit-Card Fraud

The Blaze

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has been the victim of credit-card fraud.

On Tuesday, the day of oral arguments over California’s same-sex marriage ban, Roberts was forced to pay for his morning Starbucks coffee in cash, the Washington Post first reported.

The chief justice told the cashier someone had gotten hold of his credit card numbers and he had to cancel the card.

A Supreme Court spokeswoman confirmed to the Associated Press that Roberts’ account numbers were breached, but provided no other details.

The last reported crime involving a member of the court was in May, when Justice Stephen Breyer’s Washington home was burglarized — just months after he was robbed by a machete-wielding intruder while at his vacation home in the Caribbean.

4 thoughts on “Uh-Oh: Chief Justice John Roberts Hit By Credit-Card Fraud

  1. My heart really bleeds for the dip shit! Who gives a fat rats ass perhaps it will plague him all the days of his treacherous moronic life for his part in screwing over all Americans out of trillions on his ignorant vote for obamacare! ESAD justice!

  2. Was it Affiliated computer services international cabal from Dubai from ther front company World Com, Xerox? They tried to use my AMT card and I;m too broke and it didn’t go through for the large amount they tried to get? Is he under attack as he will be in charge of some crucial decisions soon? And one my be wither ther will be special prosecutor on the ssn fraud allegations against the President now that Orly Taitz has filed the criminal complaints with the evidence she has. . Linda Joy Adams

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