Obama Eligibility Appealed In Judge Roy Moore’s Court

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While many believe the “birthers” are “right wing extremists,” there is much  evidence that demonstrates that Barack Hussein Obama is not only ineligible for  office, but that he is knowingly a usurper to the highest office in the land.   The Obama eligibility case is likely to be heard in a court room by a judge who  questions Obama’s eligibility.  Judge Roy Moore was elected chief Justice of the  Alabama Supreme Court last November, a decade after he defied a federal order to  remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state Supreme Court building.   Attorney Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and now the head of Freedom  Watch, is appealing to Moore’s court after the Montgomery Circuit Court  dismissed the Obama eligibility case.

WND reports,

2012 Constitution Party presidential nominee Virgil Goode and Alabama  Republican Party leader Hugh McInnish are asking the state’s highest court to  force Secretary of State Beth Chapman to verify that all candidates on the  state’s 2012 ballot were eligible to serve.

“We are hopeful that Chief Justice Moore and the rest of the jurists on the  Alabama Supreme Court will follow the law,” Klayman told WND.

Klayman says he and his team “have great respect for Chief Justice Moore and  his integrity and legal acumen.”

“He is one courageous and brave man. There are few in this country.”

The case is an appeal of a dismissal by the Montgomery Circuit Court.

In his brief, Klayman says “credible evidence and information from an  official source” was presented to Chapman before the election indicating Obama  might not have been qualified for Oval Office.

The complaint argues Chapman failed her constitutional duty as secretary of  state to verify the eligibility of candidates.

Last year, Moore defended  Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin who was court-martialed, imprisoned, and stripped of  all military rank and privileges because he refused to obey deployment orders,  arguing that Obama had not documented his eligibility under Article 2, Section 1  of the U.S. Constitution.

Moore said Lakin “not only has a right to follow his personal convictions  under the Constitution, he has a duty.”

“And if the authority running the efforts of the war is not a citizen in  violation of the Constitution, the order is unlawful,” he said.

Klayman said that a refusal by Chapman to investigate the qualifications of  candidates for president has resulted in “a person believed to be unqualified  for that office” having been “elected.”

Following Obama’s taking the office for a second term in November, Judge  Moore declared that Obama violated the Constitution by bombing Libya.  He said, “No president has the power to violate constitutional restraints of power,” Moore said.

“The Constitution is the rule of law, and [my job is] to uphold the rule of  law.”

“There is little regard for the Constitution in the courts today, even the  U.S. Supreme Court.”

Not only has there been the fake birth certificate, which Obama’s own attorney  admitted was fraudulent, but even Barack  and Michelle Obama, along with the Kenyan Ambassador Peter Ogego, have all said  that Obama was either born in Kenya or referred to Kenya as “his  homeland.”Sheriff Joe Arpaio brought additional evidence and claimed this is  a national  security issue.  Lord Monckton called Obama an illegal  president after demonstrating  the fraudulent nature of the birth certificate and even Israeli  Science claims that Obama’s birth certificate is a fake.

In case you are skeptical, you should go back and read the Kenyan  Parliament’s own minutes on November 5, 2008, where they openly stated,

“Mr. Obama, is a son of the soil of this country (Kenya).   Every other country in this continent is celebrating the Obama win.  It is only  proper and fitting that the country which he originates should  show the same excitement, pomp and colour.”

This statement was followed by the Deputy Speaker warning the member who just  made the statement,

“You had better be very careful where you transgress between watching your  own sovereignty and what can be interpreted in some quarters as some  form of treason.”

You can go here  and retrieve the November 5, 2008  document at the Kenyan Parliament website  (get he  highlighted version on our site indicating important points provided by  Lorri Anderson), along with the one from March  25, 2010 (get the highlighted  version on our website indicating important sections provided by Lorri  Anderson).

Several courts have listened to the Obama eligibility case, but rejected it.   Even the U.S. Supreme Court was entertaining a request to move to oral arguments concerning  Obama’s eligibility.  Should the case get before Judge Roy Moore we should be  able to at least have a decent hearing of the facts of the matter and a  reasonable ruling.  Freedom Outpost’s Publius Huldah has put forth exactly what the Founders intended in regards to being  a natural born citizen and how it relates to the Constitution.

There’s even what appears to be an authentic versions of Obama’s Kenyan birth  certificate starting at around 18:30 in the video below:

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/03/obama-eligibility-appealed-in-judge-roy-moores-court/#ixzz2P9rbFYuT

16 thoughts on “Obama Eligibility Appealed In Judge Roy Moore’s Court

  1. We will have to see…..

    • Hopefully this is the one that will take him on.

      • I sure as heck hope so as well, it would do my heart good seeing this sleezie scum bag get his ass kicked under the law! Impeachment is out of the question without a 2/3 majority from the Senate and at this moment it is not there!

    • You are so right upaces I was hoping for same from our Georgia Judge Malahi prior to elections, but he was sent packing and hiding after threats on his person for 2 reasons one he is a muslim and also found out later he was from displacement and possibly put in Georgia out of all places Conneticut ( yea that the place where obamas Social Security numbers (illegal) came from! Hmmmmmmmm! Some coincidence huh!? His ruling on eligibility was so poorly written it looked like he had a hot poker up his ass at the time he wrote it! Then the full cover up from Brian Kemp and Georgia chief justice was so obvious I wanted to puke! Another opportunity lost needless to say!

  2. What I have read of the good judges past is that he will respectfully and thouroughly review all facts and submissions! I just hope those presenting the case dot all i’s and cross all t’s and they best not violate one of the ten commandments in his presence! He is staunch in the religious rights of same! This alone sits well in my support for this Judge!

  3. Reblogged this on Cmblake6's Weblog and commented:
    Dear Lord, let this get some traction. This evil child of Satan (if not the anti-Christ embodied) is destroying the most remarkable nation ever to exist on this planet. Let this be found to be so, let it be removed from OUR nation. Let all it’s actions in the destruction of our nation be rejected and removed, and let all those who allowed this perversion to exist be held accountable.

    • No one has the balls to force it throughfor when push comes to shove their support will be paid off or they will misteriously die from causes unknown like the LA fellow during the campaign season and he dies running yea he did!?!?!?!?!!

      • And Breitbart, and it’s poofter boyfriends, and various newspersons, and…

        Somebody is going to have to do something about this, but I seem to remember a passage in Revelation about that. At least that would prove THAT charge!

      • This is a time that reminds me of a line from a movie titled The Formula in which George C Scott tells an oil magnate played by I can’t remember his name but scott a police detective tells him if he were in the murder business he would splatter his brains all over his venetian blinds behind him! I would love to be in that position with you know who for I know I would find it irresistable to get into that business if the opportunity were to arise! If I should survive the onslaught of his body guards all I would have to do is wait for my US citizens medal of honor that would surely come a bit later after the shit cleared!

      • Briebart I believe was the above mentioned mans name!

  4. Wake up folks Barack LOVE HIS MIDDLE NAME Obama was born in Kenya. Throw him out !

    • As long as the basterd is breathing fight him from every angle that is permitted and some that are not permitted! Keep the pressure on his ass and maybe he will have one of his tantrums and stroke out!! Hope springs eternal!

  5. I hope ALL of you are right and ANYTHING can be done to remove him… Before he Completely RUINS this Country…

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