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  1. I know this is ugly but here goes may all nations representative members spinal cords fall through their assholes breaking their freaking necks! Only want the best for them don’t you know!

    • I’m sure you do.

      • The UN needs to be De-Funded!

      • To upaces88: lets add to your suggestion of defunding and kick their sorry NWO asses out of this Country! Reclaim the land via iminent domaim regardless of the ole fart Rockefellers donation, bottom line Expell the UN and their advocates such as Soros and Son the jewish colaborator that has never been brought to justice due to his wealth protection! I say bring him and his son the anarchist to justice via death sentence confiscate their billions and donate to the families of those that he betrayed every cent for partial repairations which no amount of money will relieve the loss of lives that he is responsible for!
        God in his infinite wisdom makes the sons of the sinful fathers pay and why should we do less than our savior would and will do!

      • You ever think about running for office? lol
        Sounds like a great idea to me!

      • Thanks for the compliment (well maybe it is?) but no I have always been too direct and straight forward with what I think and that in and of itself would be damning in the political circles! I too am Laughing out loud at this suggestion!
        But I do think that if congress would grow a set of balls that it is time to do away with the UN just as they had to do away with the failed League of Nations years back!
        My opinion they have never appreciate our Nations help efforts so let all the Sons of bitches gair on their own and
        watch them go down rapidly! This is sort of an isolationlsm

        attitude by some of those basterds would rapidly realize
        which side their bread is buttered on! MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN quote from WildBillfor America! And then

      • It is sad; Congress won’t grow any.
        Maybe(?) you could start out in the town or city you live in! you do have a lot of understanding in “how to plow through to GET to the real issues.”
        I’ve read your posts…So I am right! So there! LOL


    • My plans are at the moment to in fact get strongly involved with the Allen West Campaign in Georgia for senator voluntarily for the southern sector of our State if he will have me! He is much like Rubio,Cruz,and Paul and I did ask him via email to return to his home birth state if anything happened to him in Florida and unfortunately it did! Consequently he came back to Georgia and is going to run for Senator with Chambliss announcing his retirement after this term!

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