Islamic regime to ‘honor’ Michelle Obama

Family Security Matters

Iran will give First Lady Michelle Obama a special award for  allegedly  exposing a direct link between Hollywood and the White House,  the commander of  Iran’s Basij paramilitary forces announced Wednesday.

According to MehrNews,  an official media outlet of the Islamic regime, Brig.  Gen Mohammad Reza  Naghdi cited Michelle Obama’s announcement of the “anti-Iran”  movie  “Argo” Oscar for Best Picture in a live feed from the White House Feb.   24.

The movie chronicles the Iranian takeover of the U.S. Embassy in  Tehran in  1979 in which six American embassy workers fled to the  protection of Canadian  embassy staff and their eventual rescue.

“Mrs. Obama’s action was awesome,” Naghdi said with what what the  report  described as irony, “and if we had spent billions of dollars, we  could not show  a link and allegiance between Hollywood and the U.S.  government and the White  House, especially since they have always denied  the allegations.”

Regime media, in another attack on Hollywood, blasted away at the book “A  Time to Betray” by Reza Kahlili, which will be made into a TV miniseries about  Kahlili’s spying for the CIA in Iran.

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2 thoughts on “Islamic regime to ‘honor’ Michelle Obama

  1. Somebody tell these assholes go suck on a pigs testicles for awhile and will somebody PLEASE tell Mrs Barry BITE ME! The only link between Barry and Hollywood is barry taking advantage of them for his own means.

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