Former SEAL: Time To ‘Name Names And Hold People Accountable’

Flopping Aces

The September 11th, 2012 attacks on the State Department compound in Benghazi, Libya is important, and should be studied because in the big picture it represents a failed foreign policy that spans across both Bush and Obama Presidencies.


America does not have a clear strategic objective when it comes to foreign diplomacy, and in fact our current foreign affairs are rife with hypocrisy. Two clear examples of this that we are supposedly in a “War on Terror,” yet we clandestinely support terrorists like MEK in Iran, and weapons transfers into Syria. The latter is sure to put weapons into Syria freedom fighters, some who are engaged under the al Qaeda flag.  How long will it take for those weapons to be pointed back at US Special Ops forces?

In Libya, Gaddafi was known to be cooperating with the United States behind closed doors. One minute he’s a covert friend, and declared an enemy the next.

“Who in the current administration turned Gaddafi from green to red?”, a senior State Department official said to me. This question and many others still need to be asked.

What message do we send to emerging leaders looking for allies if we continue with our hypocrisy abroad? One minute America is your friend and the next we’re cheering from the sidelines, as your dead body is drug through the streets of Misrata.

The cloudy foreign policy strategy needs to be replaced with one that is clear, and holds firm to the values of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Benghazi is important because it demonstrates all that is wrong in Washington. New leadership is needed because the current usual suspects of the State Department are getting really good at avoiding responsibility and dodging consequence.

The game of political music chairs, and finger pointing by career politicians and agency bureaucrats needs to end. Exemplary leadership has become a thing of the past, and needs to become a thing of the future.

As Jack Murphy and I point out in our e-book, Benghazi: The Definitive Report, we seek to name names and hold people accountable.  We continue to do so, and it has become apparent in our investigation is that the attack, and results achieved, was a result of the following:

  • An ambiguous foreign policy with no clear direction
  • Former Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, John Brennan, conducting unilateral actions with regards to JSOC strikes against militia members. He is also tied to weapons transfers out of Libya, and we are learning that this may have included the use of Proxy Private Military Companies like MVM, and other.
  • A lack of de-confliction between Military, Agency (State, and CIA), and PMC groups with regards to covert actions on the ground in Libya. Incompetent senior State Department leadership who enforced a policy of normalization and reduced security posture in the face of a rising threat level. Benghazi and Tripoli were both classified Critical/High threat by the State’s internal threat assessment document known as the SETL.
  • A name that has become synonymous with ineptness in many of my conversations with State Department officials is Patrick Kennedy. His is a name we should remember. Kennedy is the current Under Secretary of Management or “M” for the agency, also known to insiders as “Black Dragons.” It is well known inside the State Department that a Black Dragon is one of the most powerful positions inside the department.

Ironically Kennedy was one of the key State Department officials trying to explain away unheeded security requests leading up to the 1998 Embassy bombings in Africa. Ambassador Bushnell sent requests for a year straight at her post in Kenya leading up to the attacks. The lack of security contributed to the deaths of 218 people, including 12 Americans when three, near simultaneous, embassy bombs were detonated in Tanzania, Kenya and Nairobi, August 7th, 1998.

It appears that Kennedy has become somewhat of an expert at explaining away incompetence, and sidestepping responsibility in order to maintain his personal standing within the Department of State.

Officials Jack and I have spoken to inside State tell us that press leaks stating that individuals had been separated or resigned from the Department as a result of Benghazi could have only come from Kennedy. The press later learned this was not the case. As far as we know today, everyone associated with Benghazi remains gainfully employed by the Department of State. This seems like the wrong message to send Foreign Service personnel but appears aligned with Kennedy’s leadership style.


9 thoughts on “Former SEAL: Time To ‘Name Names And Hold People Accountable’

  1. So? How do we go about this if they ARE NOT listening. We send fax(s), emails, phone calls, letters and raise hell online!
    THEY DO NOT CARE! We are invisible to them.

  2. I forgot the important thing…WE VOTE! Our vote means nothing to them!
    When he remained in office (FRAUD)…they did nothing! NOT ONE THING!

  3. 1dragon, you have more confidence than I do. AND I DO WANT TO BE WRONG. He has NO intentions of stepping down and/or IF he does, he will have someone JUST LIKE HIM to continue to destroy out nation WHO WILL ALSO GET IN BY FRAUD.

  4. Make no mistake, he has no intention of stepping down. Just stepping on America as much as he can. We have multiple possibilities available to us and I suggest we begin to use them, along with alternatives.

  5. Joe Biden was right about one thing, well sort of, the only chains I want to see are the ones on Obama when they take him away.

  6. We all would like to see him taken away “in chains” would be my dream come true.

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