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  1. Buried alive in debt. They want our guns so when all hell brakes loose we wont be able to get them. The fed and the puppets in Washington have destroyed America. Wake up folks, life is over in our country

  2. I dont think its over just yet, we just need to kick barry and his followers out. I keep saying it- the Constitution empowers the citizens of this Republic to remove a Tyrannical Government and replace it. If it means we have to take up arms to do so then we are obligated to do so. I say to hell with the Republican and Democrat party- we need a Patriot Party.

  3. i agree, lets get these socialists out of office. vote independent.

  4. Johnny, while I agree with the voting, the reality is we are most likely past that point. Barry arranged his “Re-election” and Im sure he will do the same thing for Congressional elections, that way everything is “Legal” and he can get anything done. I think its highly possible we are going to be in the midle of a fight for our nation and our freedoms- literally- by the end of the year. Thats just my personal thoughts.

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