7 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. I just like those words. so apropos.

  2. He is 100% right.

  3. Now that is what I like! Did he really say this or was it just a good photo for this use?
    Whatever the case they are a special kind of Stupid as depicted! Also they are so stupid as to assume that the rest of the world is as stupid and sheeple as they are!
    The idiot and chiefs spewer of Lahoya (BS) piers the dicklicker morgan (admitted dicklicker on his own interview with Ted the patriot Nugent) has asked many if they supported any of obamas gun control ideas well my answer is no I do not agree with any
    thing from this

    shithead of a government fool! I know his desires are to destroy any and all of America and Americans that cannot be enslaved! If you do not believe my remark that piers is queerbyou need to go to

    • You tube and listen carefully to what he tells Ted in one blurp about sucking Teds Machine gun! If that doesn’t convince you then just keep watching for it will reveal itself further down the line!

    • photo was sent to me via e-mail but it sound like something he would say,

  4. The moronic members of our government that support “Gun Control” just dont seem to get the idea that if it was thier way the only ones with guns would be Law and the Lawless. Tell you what, take away thier personal guard details for a month- you know, the ones they rely on but have only disdain for- and lets see if they change thier minds.

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