13 thoughts on “The Dumbest AND Most Frightening Bumper Sticker You’ll Ever See…

  1. I have no words to describe the fear that just ran through my mind!

    • I thought the same thing.

      • I know it was just a question…but an insanely evil as it is becoming every day, I can see it being entertained as a possibility. Whatever they do continually shoves us further down the tubes as a Country.

      • But they don’t care.

      • You are right. They don’t care. We are…. I started to say “Nothing to them.” It’s even worse than that. They see us as “insignificant” and just here to RULE OVER like we are lesser beings vs. them.

  2. No chit amigo, grabbing it for the hose of pain, thanks Dragon U b da man! Carolina won tonight. J.C.

  3. anti-christ and false prophet?

  4. With advances in genetic sciences, I envision a day when Democrats will actually seek to create cloned candidates such as Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, or Alinsky. It really is getting that ridiculous.

    • How does the saying go? Hell has no fury like a woman scorn. If these two get in, there aren’t enough words to describe what they would/could do.
      As far as a clone goes…………. they aren’t real people. Created in a lab. No parents. A bigger fraud then the one we currently have.

  5. O’ Man, ya cudda gone a year without saying that! Lord

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