BREAKING NEWS – Barack Soetoro aka Barack Obama Discovered At Columbia University As Of 2010

The Obama Hustle

It is well known that Obama supposedly attended Columbia University for his supposed last year of undergraduate studies.  However, the name used for the financial aid that he reportedly received has been an unanswered question until now.  There can be no denying that Obama used a different name to obtain monies reserved for foreign students to pay for his tuition to Columbia University back in the 80′s when was supposedly an undergraduate student.

In October of 2011 I was conducting one of my daily database searches for any information relating to Obama and his alter identities such as his other last name of Soetoro.  I discovered an anomaly using the database information that was pulled when I used the last name of Soetoro in and for the state of New York.  The following exhibits are the items that were pulled when the searches were completed.

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5 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS – Barack Soetoro aka Barack Obama Discovered At Columbia University As Of 2010

  1. Good recap: All the more reason to get the Kansas Birth records. Why did the staff at the Sec of State of Ks gasp when I asked them to check for the Forbes Air force base records under Barry Soetoro? back on 9/14/12. Was it stamped “NOT FOR CITZENSHIP PURPOSES?” This mean that Sec of State Kris Kobach perjured himself in court a few days later? Otherwise its a non issue as he has been eligible due to his Kansas birth, where my mother was present and his real Dad , a relative of Rosa Parks murdered before the arranged marriage to Obam Sr all in Toepka ks. As or getting an SSN as a foreign student . If he id not have permission to work, then it would have been an SSN card that says not for work on it> This is all speculation and remember : a convicted felon can be president as long as he is born here., if we vote him or her in I;ve begged the birthers to start at the beginning ad that is in Topeka ks. where he was born.. Linda Joy Adams

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    BREAKING NEWS – Barack Soetoro aka Barack Obama Discovered At Columbia University As Of 2010

  3. We have all known this, sooooo???? Why is he still sitting in Our WH?
    No one cares but us!

    • What I want to say is not subject for print, so I will just say you are correct.

    • He has always bee eligible die to his birth in Topeka Ks and his American parents. Another baby never told the truth of his origins, but needed doucments in this modern world. . There is no disqualification re character to be president, that’s up to the the voters. Linda Joy Adams

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