Sarah Palin: Feds Are Stockpiling Bullets For Us

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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin took to Facebook on Tuesday and put her two cents worth in on why  she believes the Federal government is acquiring so much ammunition.  Her  remarks, seemingly to clarify her earlier tweet, about the current economic  situation in the United States and the massive debt we have hanging over us  concluded by stating, “We’re going to default eventually and that’s why the feds  are stockpiling bullets in case of civil unrest.”


Palin told those in Washington to “Cut the Drama. Do Your Job.”

She then went on to expound what the vast majority of Americans think.  She  wrote, “Americans are sick and tired of yet another ginned-up crisis. D.C. needs  to grow up, get to work, and live within its means. The real economic Armageddon  looming before us is our runaway debt, not the sequester, which the President  advocated for and signed into law and is now running around denouncing because  he never had any genuine intention of reining in his reckless spending.”

Palin also reminded her followers that the sequestration was the result of  the long debt ceiling standoff in the summer of 2011.  While she said it was not  an ideal outcome for anyone, she attempted to claim that it at least included “real deficit reduction of about $110 billion per year for 10 years.”  Actually  the number is much less than that and when spread out over ten years and over  various Federal programs and agencies, the effects would hardly be noticed.

The former GOP vice presidential candidate said that American families had  already been hit with more tax increases because of Obama’s policies and bills  he has signed into law, though she rightly points out that Obama calls taxes “revenues.”  We wouldn’t expect anything less from a man that calls a “tax” a “penalty.”

“The American public doesn’t want tax increases; we want government to rein  in its overspending,” Palin declared.

“If we can’t stomach modest cuts that would lower federal spending by a mere  0.3% per year out of a current federal budget of $3.6 trillion, then we might as  well signal to the whole world that we have no serious intention of dealing with  our debt problem,” she added.  “If we are going to wet our proverbial pants over  0.3% in annual spending cuts when we’re running up trillion dollar annual  deficits, then we’re done. Put a fork in us. We’re finished.”

Palin concluded her comments by stating:

“We’re going to default eventually and that’s why the feds are stockpiling  bullets in case of civil unrest.”

This is not from a conspiracy theorist people.  This comes from a former  State governor and vice presidential nominee.

However, she did not leave her comments with a sense of hopelessness, but  instead encouraged the U.S. to put it’s “fiscal house in order,” to “stop the  hysterics, tighten our belts, and take our medicine.”

Previously I wrote about how DHS had continued their stockpile of ammunition solicitations, even while citizens  are attempting to acquire ammunition during scarcity in the market.

Recently DHS put in a solicitation for 7,000 “personal defense weapons” that shoot  5.56 NATO ammunition that have “fire select” capability along with high capacity  30 round magazines.

Back in December DHS solicited for 250 million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition.   In September, DHS solicited for nearly 200 million rounds of sniper  ammunition.  In August 750 million rounds of high power ammunition were also solicited and in March DHS solicited 450 million rounds of hollow point bullets.

All of that is true, but to do that our representatives must be held  accountable to their oath and that oath is to limited powers of spending.  It  would also require the people to understand those limitations and start calling  their representatives to such limitations and voting out those that do not abide  by them.  For many, they are more concerned whether their team is in power  rather than whether or not that team will obey the law of the land.  We can no  longer afford to think like that and must demand more from our leaders than mere  rhetoric and we must look out for ourselves and our communities, should the feds  decide they want to take up arms against the citizens of our country.

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