Pennsylvania County On Federal Gun Control:’Not In Our Backyard!’

AP Photo

Fox News

By Kelsey Osterman

Worried about the federal government imposing overly-restrictive new gun  laws? One Pennsylvania county is saying, “Not in our backyard!”

Susquehanna County commissioners have passed a resolution to fully protect  the Second Amendment from any federal laws infringing upon it, as reported by  The Times-Tribune.

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4 thoughts on “Pennsylvania County On Federal Gun Control:’Not In Our Backyard!’

  1. I am surprised Fox got this story out!
    Ever since Beck was kicked off of Fox…they haven’t been as brave… at least not until now (that I know of…I gave up on them!)

  2. Well apparently there are some folks in pennsylvania that are not walking around with their heads up their asses! This statement made in rememberance that this is where the Black Panthers held their threatening post at the voting polls!
    I invited to come on down here but they being the cowards that they are never showed! Which is a good thing as I would probably be in prison about now had they come here threatening our local voters they would have taken their last breath back in November!

  3. Could this happen again?
    This needs to be re-circulated to remind Americans that we need to fight political corruption and intimidation by our government in every way possible. This probably will be pulled off the internet by those corrupt watch dogs…SO WATCH IT ASAP! Then…

    Take a few minutes for this History lesson.

    This is a film production, but the incident really did happen. Athens is about 20 or 25 miles north Cleveland, Tenn.
    Please watch this to the end. This is the real reason why we have the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
    A couple of years ago someone I know from Tennessee recounted a conversation with an old man who had been a boy at the time of the Battle of Athens. His father had taken a part in it. The man remembered how his mother had been up all night worrying about her husband. In the morning the man said that his father came home, put his shotgun behind the kitchen door and sat down to his breakfast, and no one in the family ever said another word about that night.

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