Two Beheadings In America – Muslim Charged

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In a rude awakening for many, a practicing Muslim, Yusuf Ibrahim, 28, is in  police custody after a double murder took place in New Jersey.  Reports indicate  that police discovered last Thursday the remains of two men form Jersey City  whose heads and hands had been cut of and buried southwest of Philadelphia.  The  two men were members of a close knit Coptic Orthodox Church.

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South American & Mexican Hezbollah Jihadis Threaten the United States


Family Security Matters

History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the  timid” – Gen. Eisenhower.

The Iranians and their terrorist proxy Hezbollah has been building  forward operating bases in the Tri-Border area of South America and Mexico for  the last three decades.  Venezuela’s uranium deposits have been an  important and rarely reported on component fueling Iran’s efforts to win the  hearts and minds of the people in Latin America and Mexico.

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