American Sheriffs Unite to Defy Obama’s Gun Grabbing Laws

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Joining a growing number of the nation’s law enforcement officials refusing   to partake in unconstitutional actions ordered by the federal government, the   sheriff of Linn County, Ore., sent a preemptive letter to Vice President Joe   Biden  stating he is prepared to refuse to enforce federal regulations   “offending the constitutional rights of [Linn County] citizens.”
According to his letter to Biden, Sheriff Tim Mueller will also prohibit  his department’s “enforcement of any unconstitutional regulations or orders by   federal officers” within his jurisdiction.
Several states have  passed law preventing local law enforcement officers  from enforcing  unconstitutional laws such as federal gun-control laws including  Utah, South  Dakota, Tennessee, Idaho and others. Recently Kentucky and Wyoming  introduced  similar legislation.

The Constitutional County Sheriff’s  Association is in the process of  publishing a list of the Constitutional County  Sheriffs in individuals states  who have taken an oath to seriously refuse to  enforce laws that violate the  Constitution such as gun laws being proposed by  President Barack Obama and  members of both houses of the U.S. Congress,  according to Keith Broaders, the  administrator for the CCSA, on Monday.

Every Sheriff is required by law to take an oath to preserve, protect and   defend the Constitution. This is not just a suggestion, it is the duty of the   Sheriff to enforce just laws and refuse to enforce laws that are not, according   to Broaders.

For example, Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe  Arpaio told a local radio  host the federal government is “going to have  problem” if they expect him to  confiscate guns from private citizens.

“I took [multiple] oaths of office, and they all say I will defend the   Constitution of the United States,” Arpaio told Mike Broomhead of KFYI Radio in   Phoenix.

“Now if they’re going to tell the sheriff that he’s  going to go around  picking up guns from everybody, they’re going to have a  problem. I may not  enforce that federal law,” Arpaio said according to World  Net Daily.

“How can a County Sheriff honor his oath if he needs  to obtain permission  from the Supreme Court? The ultimate arbiter of the  meaning of the Constitution  is ‘We the People’ and the duly elected County  Sheriff is elected by the people  to represent the will of his constituents,”  Broader added.

“As a County Sheriff you can serve only one  master. Are you going to keep  your oath and serve the people, or are you going  to be the enforcer of unjust  Federal rules, regulations, codes, ordinances and  statutes?” said the CCSA  founder.


“I want to know if you [as a  law enforcement executive] plan to be a  servant of the people or an  administrative lap dog for the Federal agencies and  bureaucrats?”

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4 thoughts on “American Sheriffs Unite to Defy Obama’s Gun Grabbing Laws

  1. Obama is a traitor and his supporters who want to control the law abiding gun owners of this great country.

  2. Things are starting to get weird. I expect an interesting March.

    Time is moving faster

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