Shh! TSA Wants to Touch Your Kids

Our  Federal Government continues to ignores the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights………………..

but you’re not allowed to document it.  Like your “special secret”with the “Inappropriate Uncle” division of the federal government, that you’re not allowed to share with other grown-ups (they’d just accuse you of lying and trying to get attention anyway).

5 thoughts on “Shh! TSA Wants to Touch Your Kids

  1. This is what pedophiles do to “groom” children to obey and feel obligated to authority figures. Problem is…they are the WRONG Authority Figures.

  2. Obama knows…he was molested as a child and beaten by his grandfather.
    This is simple black and white EVIL.

  3. TSA = Total Sexual assault.

    Notice that the people they search NEVER resemble radical Islamist terrorists (everyone of which look virtually the same, making the job that much easier.) To do so is decried as “profiling.” This of course renders the TSA utterly worthless and nothing more than child molestors, perverts, and sexual deviants.

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