Obama Is Not The Legitimate President Of The United States

Western Journalism

On election day, we know there were major problems of voting machines switching votes from Romney to Obama—voting machines, by the way, owned and operated by a former company of Obama crony Chuck Hagel.

We know Obama suppressed the traditionally conservative military vote.

We know thousands of military absentee ballots were “lost”—in one case supposedly burned to a crisp in an airplane crash—although no one seems to know the details of which plane it was, where it crashed, whether anyone was killed, etc.

We know there were dozens of precincts across the United States where Obama received an “astronomical” amount of votes—99-100%. Or counties where there were reportedly more votes cast than the total of actual voters registered— St. Lucie County, Florida had a 141.1% turnout!

We know GOP polling inspectors were thrown out of democratically-controlled precincts in fourteen wards—just in Philadelphia. This was endlessly duplicated throughout the United States.

And we know Eric Holder’s shock troops, the New Black Panther Party, were out in full force doing what they do best—intimidating anyone not planning on voting multiple times for Barack Obama.

But this country, supposedly a nation of laws, under the corrupt Barack Obama Administration did nothing to prosecute the massive amount of voter fraud.

Until now.

Officials in Hamilton County, Ohio are mounting a massive voter fraud investigation, already issuing twenty-eight subpoenas, which is just scratching the surface of a massive Obama voter fraud operation. Dead people voting. Multiple votes by one person. Forged absentee ballots. Poll workers hiding ballots. Just to name a few of the irregularities.

The Obama fraud poster girl in Hamilton County is Melowese Richardson, alleged to have cast six votes for Barack Obama.

In true Barack Obama victimology fashion, she claims she filled out absentee ballots for her granddaughter, brother, and others because they needed “help” in voting—not to mention it being Barack Obama’s right to receive these votes.

This is only one small district in Ohio. We know the Obama campaign was engaged in massive voter fraud throughout the United States. Given that Obama squeaked by with barely two percent of the popular vote and that he was engaged in massive voter fraud, it is a foregone conclusion that Barack Hussein Obama did not win the election.

6 thoughts on “Obama Is Not The Legitimate President Of The United States

  1. Amen! The issue where he was born was nothing but ‘smoke and mirrors’ as eligilbiity was never the issue, just the wrong state. All the other things were ignored and still are being ignored. Linda Joy Adams

  2. So excuse me old news we have been kicking this can down the road for how long now?! Is there possibilities of? Oh! And a quarter of a year has past and investigations are just now turning up what new news!
    I am not sorry but this my friends and neighbors is a waste of space time and energy unless it is going some where?!

    • The news is only 1/2 old. The investaging is new, and if the outcome remains the same…………..then that will be old news. It is not a waste of time or space because even old information on this POS is worth repeating if it informs one person.

      • Its been 13 years since 2000 election and our elections are still not being conducted as they should. We did better with preceinct chairs of each party who knew the voters and marked paper ballots where members of each party watched the counting, eth old fashioned way.Congress flim flmaed us wihe high tech peple can;t monitor.Linda Joy Adams ( sorry for commenting again but we have to get our elections fair or else the elite whos hand is on the computer key board of the world will keep on picking our leaders for us.

      • Don’t be sorry. You are free to comment anytime. I try to respond to all but sometimes I just don’t have the time.

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