Gun Bill Lets Cops Conduct Warrantless Home ‘Inspections’

Fox News

Oh, let’s not call them searches.  Let’s call them inspections, just a  small price for gun owners to pay for exercising a right explicitly protected in  the Constitution, and without any probable cause apparent for a crime being  committed.  After all, we know that will convince criminals not to keep  weapons, right?  Right?

Even gun-control activists in Washington are embarrassed by this, er, mistake  (via Instapundit):

Forget police drones flying over your house. How  about police coming inside, once a year, to have a look around?

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Shh! TSA Wants to Touch Your Kids

Our  Federal Government continues to ignores the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights………………..

but you’re not allowed to document it.  Like your “special secret”with the “Inappropriate Uncle” division of the federal government, that you’re not allowed to share with other grown-ups (they’d just accuse you of lying and trying to get attention anyway).

Pizza shop offers 15 percent discount to all gun owners

Daily Mail

Sharp shooters in Virginia Beach have a new  favorite target- and this one is a pizza place.

All Around Pizza and its owner Jay Laze have  found a unique way to demonstrate their ardent support for the Second Amendment:  they offer a fifteen percent discount on pizza for gun owners.

A customer seeking the discount at All Around  Pizza can bring in their weapon or a concealed weapons permit.

dAnyone with a weapon or a concealed weapons permit is  eligible to receive a fifteen percent discount on pizza from this Virginia Beach  shop

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Obama Is Not The Legitimate President Of The United States

Western Journalism

On election day, we know there were major problems of voting machines switching votes from Romney to Obama—voting machines, by the way, owned and operated by a former company of Obama crony Chuck Hagel.

We know Obama suppressed the traditionally conservative military vote.

We know thousands of military absentee ballots were “lost”—in one case supposedly burned to a crisp in an airplane crash—although no one seems to know the details of which plane it was, where it crashed, whether anyone was killed, etc.

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