Obama has set in motion forces that he can’t handle

American Thinker

Barack  Obama is a terrible president. That’s obvious to everyone who isn’t chronically  ignorant or incurably liberal.  By “liberal” I don’t mean the classic  definition of the word which has to do with being open-minded and objective. I  mean the modern version of liberal: self-centered, emotional, illogical, and  void of reason. Unfortunately, in 2012 ignoramuses and liberals represented the  majority of those who voted. I’m not worried about offending them with my harsh  words. My very existence offends them, and so does yours if you don’t buy into  their worldview.


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Tennessee County Stands Up to Federal Gun Grab

The New American

As state, federal, and global governments accelerate their drive to eradicate private gun ownership in the United States, some local lawmakers are bravely standing up for the Second Amendment.

In Madison County, Tennessee (Jackson is the county seat), the county commission will consider such a proposal when it meets on Tuesday, February 19.

The measure is called the Madison County Second Amendment Preservation Resolution and it holds all attempts by the federal government to abridge the right to keep and bear arms in Madison County as “null and void and of no effect.”

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The Clueless Left and Islam

Family Security Matters

Daniel Greenfield penned a perceptive and welcome critique, “What the Left Does not Understand About Islam” (February 15th),  of  the cluelessness of the Left vis-à-vis Islam. The Left, he writes,  is naïve  about its rival ideology, and ideologically will always remain  naïve. The Left,  he writes, has never been able to think outside of the  cardboard box it has  built for itself.

The  left has never adapted to the transition from nationalistic wars to   ideological wars. It took the left a while to grasp that the Nazis were a   fundamentally different foe than [sic] the Kaiser and that  pretending  that World War 2 was another war for the benefit of  colonialists and arms  dealers was the behavior of deluded lunatics. And  yet much of the left insisted  on approaching the war in just that  fashion, and had Hitler not attacked  Stalin, it might have remained  stuck there.

From  my own observations, what the Left refused to acknowledge was that it   was Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and Soviet Russia that  behaved like  unrepentant imperialists and colonialists, invading and  conquering other  nations for all the loot they could lay hands on. It  was the consistent  kneejerk evasion of that fact which demoted the Left  from a noisy avante- garde  to a commune of deluded lunatics.  Greenfield goes on to remark:

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