Photo of the Day


Sometimes, a picture says more then a thousand words. Well, this one tells me the difference between a Patriot’s Hero and a Liberal’s hero, but that’s just my opinion.                                                                         1 Dragon

Photo via: Moonbattery

6 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. Has there ever been a more succinct indicator of a society in decline, suffering the ravages of liberalism and political correctness?

  2. If Trayvon Martin could have been obama’s son had he had one!? Then this could be his daughter, sister, street mama????? Someone send Christie and obama a copy of their heroin’s picture suitable for framing for their desk!
    The above remarks demented and sick and cruelly put to print purely for relief from reality of how far gone this nation truely is?????

    • Screw them both. Obama is a traitor and Christie is a RINO and I wouldn’t waste my time or money to send either one of them anything.

  3. I have a few things I could send them though Im pretty sure they would be “Offended”. Im not one for being “politically Correct”, but then again Im not a POS politician

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