John Brennan, CIA nominee, may have converted to Islam

Family Security Matters

A former FBI agent said on Saturday that there were indications that   President Barack Obama’s CIA nominee John Brennan converted to Islam  between  1996 and 1999 when he was the CIA station chief in Riyadh.

Agent John Guandolo, who retired from the FBI in 2008, told the U.S.  Trento  Radio Show that Brennan converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia and  visited Mecca  and Medina during the hajj season along with Saudi  officials, who may have  induced Brennan to convert.

In a Skype video interview with the  radio show, Guandolo  referred to a  video showing Brennan saying that  during his time in Saudi Arabia, he “marveled  at the majesty of the Hajj  and the devotion of those who fulfilled their duty  as Muslims by making  that pilgrimage.” Guandolo concluded that this  “video confirms Brennan converted to Islam”  since non-Muslims are not allowed  to visit Medina and Mecca especially  during the Hajj season. Brennan  is a CIA veteran, among his previously held posts are the deputy  national  security advisor for homeland security and counterterrorism.

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2 thoughts on “John Brennan, CIA nominee, may have converted to Islam

  1. This should come as a surprise to no one. They have infiltrated the highest positions within our government, the President included.

  2. no surprize here as omuslim in thief is also a muslim and wants us all under sharia law. boy are the condom and free bitthcontrol girls going to be in for a big surprize when they all all put in burka’s and thier mouths are put in muzzels quess all the feminazis will just drop dead from schock

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