NDAA – Section 1021″Civilian Authority-the US Constitution” vs “Military Authority-Commander In Chief”


Abby Martin interviewed Thomas Drake, a Whistleblower who outed NSA’s covert wiretapping program known as Trailblazer, on this weeks “Breaking the Set.

Martin asks Drake how it felt when the government he once worked for filed charges against him using the Espionage Act for blowing the whistle on the illegal wiretapping program, his response “Total betrayal.” He went onto to say “It is important to note I took an Oath four times to support and defend the constitution. That oath was not an oath to the President, it was not an oath to lie, it was not an oath to secrecy, it was not an oath to a national security agency.  It was certainly not an oath to look the other way when the government itself commits massive fraud, waste and abuse and engages itself in wrongdoing and illegality and that’s precisely what the government did after 9/11, on a vast scale.”

Drake then goes onto articulate “You can’t have a government violating the constitution in secret and then forming all of these alliances w/corporations who themselves are ensuring the continuance of their own interests through the government. That’s not in the best interests of the country let alone the constitution.”

As for the National Defense Authorization Act, NDAA, Section 1021 also known as Indefinite Detention, Drake holds nothing back pinpointing precisely the concern every American should have stating “Section 1021 is really a generalized provision under which the government unto itself wants to exercise military authority at anytime, anywhere, basically against anybody in the United States of America.” The key word in that sentence is “military authority” not “civilian authority” which should send chills up your spine.

5 thoughts on “NDAA – Section 1021″Civilian Authority-the US Constitution” vs “Military Authority-Commander In Chief”

  1. Wonder if they understand fuck em if they turn on their own people! I am sure his queers in the military will have to be dealt with but they are small in numbers and I for one ferl that when push comes to shove the troops will turn on this piece of shit obama! He has made zero friends in the marines and seals already and now has allienated the Troops in Afganistan with the removal of their breakfast meal! You can bet your ass he made no friends on this move against the Army Troops here as well! If however they are stupid enough to attack our homes individually we will lose but you can bet that we individually will take some with us! little o and his big pig ears can kiss my ass! Someone will get him and I hope it is filmed with his face showing shock just as it did when Dr. Benjamin Carson shot him all to hell at the White house Breakfast! He might consider another body guard increase from 31 to 62 he is going to need them!

  2. Its Barry pushing for a fight. If he wants it, guess we ought to give it. If you dont POLITELY knock on my door a rather large door knocker awaits on the other side, as it does in many homes.

  3. when do you think ovomitmuslim will start using drones

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