Obama Building A Personal Army At The Department Of Homeland Security

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In July of 2008, presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama stated that Americans could no longer “…continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”


It was 4 months before the election; yet no one in the “mainstream” media seemed interested in asking a presidential candidate about his promise to create a “civilian security force” with a $440 billion annual budget! What, exactly, would it do? Who would be in charge? Where would a force the size of the U.S. Military be housed? Would its members—like their military counterparts—be armed? How much authority would such a force exercise over the American people? From whom would it be derived? In his speech, Mr. Obama made it sound as though most of the members would be volunteers. If so, why would a near-half trillion dollar budget be necessary?

In the almost 5 years since Obama’s frightening pledge to put a powerful, unidentified force in charge of “national security,” the American public has discovered that:

  • though Obama has never again repeated the terms “civilian national security force,” it is obvious that the Department of Homeland Security is filling that role in the Obama Regime.
  • DHS and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have purchased more than 450 million rounds of .40 cal, hollow point ammunition. Hollow points are expensive and wholly unnecessary for range use. It seems members of the DHS are to be armed—well armed. At the same time, Mr. Obama is working to see to it that the American people are NOT.
  • the immigration services and enforcement budgets at DHS were nearly $20 billion in 2010. Yet the Mexican-U.S. border was guarded by a “virtual fence” which leaked illegal aliens like a sieve. Some 4-5.5 million foreigners have overstayed their Visa’s in the US, yet just 8,100 arrests have been made by the DHS!

Then, in October of 2012, Barack Obama signed an Executive Order creating the “White House Homeland Security Partnership Council,”  its ostensible purpose to “…advance the federal government’s use of local partnerships to address homeland-security challenges.” But the DHS was ALREADY working with local governments across the nation. Why would Obama intercede in this way?

Because “he [wanted] to be able to dictate who gets to participate in these local partnerships – and they don’t have to be local law enforcement or local government officials to do so. These partnerships will be with ‘the private sector, nongovernmental organizations, foundations and community-based organizations.’  All of whom will be handpicked by Obama and those federal bureaucrats he appoints.”

The National Defense Authorization Act empowers Obama ON HIS OWN to determine who represents a threat to the United States and to have that individual detained and imprisoned. And the Executive Order he signed allows the president to select like-thinking “deputies” nationwide, authorized to act on Obama’s behalf. These men will have little or no concern for the security of the United States. Rather, they will be working exclusively to increase the power of the president by threatening and intimidating his political enemies.

Barack Obama is at last building his Civilian National Security Force. It consists of a thoroughly corrupt organization of the far left, employed by the DHS and empowered by the president himself to ignore the Constitution and the laws of the United States.  Representing the 3rd largest department in the federal government, these DHS forces of a Constitutionally ineligible president are working to implement a police state—a dictatorship in which all “rights” will derive from the sole authority of Barack Obama.

Make no mistake–Barack Obama has every intention of imposing his will on the American public by creating a Marxist dictatorship during his second term. It is for that reason the assault has begun on American gun owners, as an armed public can fight back and defeat such would-be tyrants.

It’s difficult to conceive of an American president deliberately arming a federal force for the purpose of killing and enslaving the American people. But we will see it happen.

11 thoughts on “Obama Building A Personal Army At The Department Of Homeland Security

  1. This is the recent comment just for you. After you read the below and watch the Do NOT think for a moment he stopped at Dallas TX. I suspect he has reached out to Chicago and other major cities.
    Thee are New Military Uniforms for Military made with polyester (reason for that? Since they are NOT in the actual U.S. Military they cannot be charged
    for “dressing in THEIR uniform” — my thought anyway. You only notice it when you are up close. If you can think of any other reason that he just didn’t GIVE them the actual uniform, let me know.

    No one was “realllly listening”; OR they never realized he would go this far. Through Homeland Security he has given The New Black Panther
    Party the “authority” to act under the umbrella of Federal Protection. In other words, if a citizen tries to fight back…it is Treason against the U.S. Government.
    In the 2nd video is John Wiley Price. I knew him way back when….he was/is extremely corrupt and dangerous. This is the kind of person he reaches
    out to…and I am quite sure he has also reached out to others just like him in cities like Chicago, etc.

    Remember how he slashed the Military budget? He gave that $$ to the New Black Panther Party to arm them.

    His Initial Speech of his own private army

    Meet John Wiley Price THE NEW COMMANDER over the NBPP. Price is on the Dallas County Commissioner’s Board. I knew this may way back when. He is a Militant Racist and always has been. Recently he was investigated by the FBI for having the Voting Machines in HIS Private Storage Unit. Yet, not one thing has been done about him.
    John Wiley Price; Dallas Commissioner’s Court and New Commander of Obama’s New Private Army — The New Black Panther Party.

  2. My ooops, let me go get the John Wiley Price Video.

  3. This video is of the Dallas County Commissioner’s Court:
    Watch this man.

    A couple of years ago, there were two New Black Panther Party members using alias(s) trying to become a part of the Dallas Commissioner’s Court. They were caught and explelled.

  4. One well placed round directly between his eyes would be his final lesson on respect and diplomacy! See ya wouldn’t want to be ya!

  5. Get ready people, wherever you are on the planet , the SGTHTF !

  6. Obama is a fraud. Wake up America. This person is dangerous to our country. Just look at his work history and ask yourself. How did this nobody become president.

  7. sorry to say people but Ive been screaming about this for awhile. Barry WANTS a fight and is pushing for it. You better be ready real fast. Next- an”Attempt” on Barry or one of his top people.

  8. Well the Britain try to kick our ass twice they failed the Japan were going to invade the west coast during ww.2 why didn’t they because we have guns,and we will use them we are Americans we will not lay down we will stand and fight to the end so u want a war bring it on

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