Vive la Resistance: A Call to Arms!

Family Security Matters

During World War II, in an effort to combat Nazi totalitariansm, men and  women of good will in France formed a resistance movement against the Nazis.  They came to be known as the Resistance fighters who bravely fought against the  tide of the Nazi invasion. Today, once again there is a new growth of  totalitarian supremacist ideology in the name of Islam and it is presently  receiving protective status under the guise of religion; yet, today its  legitamacy is derived on our own soil. The definition of “Islam” is submission  and while we may state that we are not at war with Islam, Islam has declared war  on us.

Mein Kampf (My Struggle) was the instrumental book that incited Germans to  wage war against the Jews and incited millions in surrounding countries to  submit to its supremacist totalitarian quest for world domination. Not unlike  Mein Kampf, we now have on American soil an Islamic doctrine (Quran) that  commands its practioners to wage war against all non-believers until Islam  reigns supreme. “Slay the pagans(Christians) wherever ye find them and seize  them, confine them, and lie in wait for them in every place of ambush” (Surah  9:5) and “So fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief) and  all submit to the religion of Allah alone (in the whole world).” (Quran: 8:39) These are just a few of the many passages littered throughout Quranic  doctrine with the call for Jihad. Unlike Judeo/Christian doctrine, the violence  in Quranic doctrine is instructional violence without a specific time frame.  Those of us in today’s Resistance Coalition have been referred to as  Islamophobics, bigots, racists, and hatemongers, but in an upside down world it  is we who are combatting the hate spewed by a doctrine that places all  non-believers in what is referred to in Islam as Dar Al Harb (the House of War).  Yes, the Quran segrated the world into Dar Al Islam (the House of Islam) and Dar  Al Harb, reserved for all non-Muslims.

For the first time in American history we are providing a sanctuary to a  doctrine that seeks our demise. The Quran which commands each Muslim to slay the  unbelievers wherever they may find them is housed in every mosque. There are now  over 2000 mosques funded by Saudi Arabian oil money throughout the United  States. The colonization by the Umma (prosletyzation) is encouraged and financed  by oil money and it matters not one iota that not all Muslims are Jihadists. It  is a threat and affront to our existence and liberty that we give sanctuary to a  dangerous doctrine that calls for our submission at best and slaughter at  worst.

We in the West have been relatively safe from Islamic warfare by a distance  that seperated us from its practioners. With the current influx of mass  immigration from Islamic countries, we too will be impacted not only by Jihad,  but a cultural degradation of women, homosexuals, Christians and Jews not unlike  those that we witness throughout the globe wherever Muslims reside. If American  campuses with active Muslim Brotherhood groups are a glimpse of the future, we  only need to cast our eye on them to see how hostile they have become for Jewish  students. We should expect nothing less for the general American population when  their numbers become sufficiently large in cities throughout the country.

As an American, a Jew, and a woman I now feel threatened. The question I am  often asked is how could we have let this happen? Where are our government  officials? Where are our clegymen? Where is the media? Where are our  intellectual elites and who is looking out for us? Why must we be subjected and  expected to tolerate a political doctrine that calls for our demise?

It has become increasingly clear that with the exception of a few brave souls  in government who had the courage to confront the usual Muslim Brotherhood front  groups, we can no longer expect government to protect us. It is now up to the  populace to take a stand and become the citizen warriors against a powerful  retrogade army of Mohammadans. Yes, there are over a billion Muslims, but their  numbers give testimony not to the draw of Islam, but to the power of the sword.  Today, as throughout history, it is the sword that is employed by Islam’s  faithful.

Our own Resistance consists of brave warriors such as Brigitte Gabriel,  Pamela Geller, Rober Spencer, Janet Levy, and Nonie Darwish, a few of the many  fighters who are sounding the alarm. Victory demands that we identify the enemy  and that we unite in our effort to defeat Islam on our shores. We can begin with  several necessary steps.

Education: In our effort to educate the American public about Islam,  we must familiarize Americans with Islamic doctrine. The slogan “Why Islam?”  must become “Why not Islam?” Reliance of the Traveller is the recogized official  translation of Islamic jurisprudence by Al Azhar, the leading Islamic University  in Egypt. A copy of the Traveller must be sent to every major newspaper editor  in the country and every government official in Washington D.C. Copies must be  sent to University libraries, local school boards and local libraries throughout  the country with passages at odds with our Constitution highlighted.

Mosques: Mosques must be declared “Command Centers” thus, they must be  declared illegal. It is there that a call to arms is made and it is there that  the daily recitation cursing non-believers are recited in prayers five times a  day. “Guide us to the straigh path, the path of those whom You have favored,  Not those who have incured your wrath, nor of those who have gone astray.” The  prhase “those who have incurred your wrath” comes from Surah 2:61 which says,  “Shame and misery were stamped upon {the Israelites} and they incurred the wrath  of Allah; because they disbelieved Allah’s signs and slew His Prophets unjustly;  because they were rebels and transgressors.

Immigration: Americans must ask for a halt to immigration from Islamic  countries. Failure by an elected official to support the halt should be met with  removal from office. As during World War II we refused entry to Germans  regardless of their political support for Nazism; today we must do the same with  those who practice Islam.

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One thought on “Vive la Resistance: A Call to Arms!

  1. Sorry to say but ive been warning about this (Dragon has too, every day), along with the drones. They arent in the air over our skies just for our safety. Its just another tool for Barry to take out anyone who opposes him. Our missle defense systems, that he dismantled, did a much better job, and didnt spy on or kill Americans. Our fight is just around the corner Patriots. Anytime now we will have to fight for our freedom and liberties that the Constitution gave us but that Barry is stripping away without resistance or reproach.

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