Obama Supporters Don’t Know Obama

On January 21, 2013 WeAreChange went to Washington DC for Barack Obama’s  second Presidential Inauguration. While we were there we hosted a quiz show where we offered $100 to anyone who could correctly answer 3 out of 5 questions about the man they were there supporting. This was an opportunity for us to possibly educate some people on things his administration has done that they were most likely unaware of. Unfortunately, most people were more concerned about the money than some of the things they learned about their President.

4 thoughts on “Obama Supporters Don’t Know Obama

  1. Obama supporters have no interest in politics, social issues or the direction of the country. Their only concern is to continue receiving EBT cards, free cell phones, rent control, etc. Obama has succeeded in keeping his fellow black folk stupid, dependent, and the highest unemployment demographic in the country.

  2. This ugly marionette, closet, un-American, Muslim, is definitely

    “THE ANTI-CHRIST,” with George Soros, “THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE.”

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