Terrorist Bill Ayers To Keynote Association Of Teacher Educators Meeting

Fox Nation

Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is set to be a keynote speaker at the annual meeting for the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) next month in Atlanta, GA.

ATE’s website for the meeting describes Ayers’ work on the topic of education. It fails to mention any of his prior radical activities, including his domestic terrorism activities, political actions from his days in the Weather Underground, or that he is a self-proclaimed “Communist–with a lower case c.”

By whitewashing the most prominent aspects of Ayers’s resume and passing off a domestic terrorist as an appropriate and benign speaker at their meeting, ATE is taking a radical political position.

2 thoughts on “Terrorist Bill Ayers To Keynote Association Of Teacher Educators Meeting

  1. sotero and his Terrorist criminals are so blatantly open in their intentions to coordinate and organizing these Progressives that Ayers is now the guest speaker at the teacher’s union meeting is unbelievable… Thes machine of sotero needs to be syopped in some way..

  2. Somebody drop this asshole please. Ayers is garbage and a waste of good atmosphere. His Trainwreck of a wife also.

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