WalMart Stops Selling Ammunition

According to Rush Limbaugh, Walmart has stopped selling ammunition.  WalMart will not place new orders pending “upcoming decision from the Community Organizer in Chief on the Second Ammendent”.

While I’m not big on boycotts, this may be a good time to start one.

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6 thoughts on “WalMart Stops Selling Ammunition

  1. I don’t go there anyway, but for sure I won’t. Dumb fucks, same with COSCTO CEO big contributor to Obama, sent back my card, asked for a refund. They complied.

  2. If they were wise, they’d be selling the hell out of it while it’s in high demand.

    I’m on board for a boycott. I also quit shopping at Best Buy after I read that they support radical Islam.

  3. Aldi is a nice store. So is Publix. If this is true I will never step into a Walmart Chinese store again. Your right about their service it sucks.

  4. Buy what you can from where-ever you can as fast as you can. TRUST ME!

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