Kentucky sheriff to defy any Obama gun grab

Jackson County Sheriff Denny Peyman has some advice for federal officials attempting to confiscate legal guns held by citizens in his jurisdiction: “go ahead, make my day.”
Sheriff Peyman says he is very concerned about proposed federal legislation that could result in massive gun ownership bans and orders of confiscation.
“My office will not comply with any federal action which violates the United States Constitution or the Kentucky Constitution which I swore to uphold,” Peyman said. “Let them pull that stuff in other places if they want, but not in Jackson County, Kentucky.”
Peyman hopes his strong stand in support of the Second Amendment encourages law enforcement officers around Kentucky and elsewhere to reassure citizens of their protection from overzealous federal action on gun control.
“Just a few of us have to be willing to stand up to political opposition putting our people at risk,” Peyman said. “The other side will back down.”

8 thoughts on “Kentucky sheriff to defy any Obama gun grab

  1. Common,its time to ban alcohol. Let us ban cigarettes. They kill lots and lots of people ! They now legalize pot. Full of cancer agents and distorts thinking. Thats o.k. ! The government loves the tax they collect on this poison. If they want a civil war in this country try to take guns away from people. its our right to bare arms. Vote the bastards out or take them out.JOE VERDIER

  2. Joe, we might also want to ban cars, kitchen knives, lawn mowers, and outboard boats!

  3. Correction: Outboard motors “on boats.” I know you knew what I meant LOL

  4. “Right To Bear Arms is a Human Right.” Newt Gingrich

  5. Sheriff. Paymen, has the right idea and many others Counties and States are standing up to be counted!
    I pray this works out for freedom loving people of this Country! I do so want to see that Son of a bitch Piers Morgan have to leave our Nation and then a congressional move to prevent him from returning!

  6. This IS going to come down to hand picked officers from around the country willing to do Barrys will, and willing to kill American Citizens in order to try to disarm America. The American Gestapo. Sound familiar to anyone?

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