Former SEAL Speaks with Rush 1/10/13


If you don’t listen to the Rush Limbaugh program, you are missing out.  You are missing out on the enlightenment that comes form a man who actually cares about the future of our country.

Incredible phone call on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program.  Rush tells Larry (the caller) that, “I talk on the radio for 3 hours, look at you”, in response to the former crippled SEAL’s voiced gratitude for all that Rush does.  Something about this call is touching to me.  Perhaps it’s the fact that I, too, am a veteran and would have said the same to Limbaugh if I had the opportunity.

3 thoughts on “Former SEAL Speaks with Rush 1/10/13

  1. My Gratitude goes out to the Patriots who have fought so valiantly to preserve our REPUBLIC….

  2. If after hearing this your heart is not breaking you have no feelings at all! I am an old fart that has had to do therapy from surgery and it is painful and stressful! But this young man who has given so much for us who is enduring such pain and agony and mental stress make me have a very heavy heart! I fervently pray for Larry that the Lord of host will bless him and be with him in all of his efforts! I pray that he is successful and is blessed in every way that the Lord God Jehovah through his Son Jesus Christ can and will bestow upon him! His entire life will now in all probability be very hard, but I know and am firmly believing that he will be blessed! Lord forgive these evil ones that are trying to destroy the dreams and hopes of our young people like Larry! Forgive us for turning from you and may this prayer for larry and this Nation be honored and our people turn back to you that we may realize that all things are yours and all good things are from you! Make it possible in this and others lives that your glory will shine in spite of our weaknesses! in Jesus Christ name I ask these things Father God and may your blessings be restored to America Amen and Amen!

    • It was hard to believe that this man is only 33 years old. He didn’t die for his Country but he did everything else but die. He is a true American and a true hero.

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