Racist? Kentucky Man Under Fire For Effigy Of Obama Eating Watermelon

xlarge1 620x348 Racist? Kentucky Man Under Fire For Effigy Of Obama Eating Watermelon

Western Journalism

A Kentucky man has sparked a public outcry after he put up a statue of President Barack Obama eating watermelon. His critics say the display is blatantly racist.

When asked why he chose to depict Obama, the nation’s first black president, eating watermelon, Danny Hafley said he “might get hungry standing out here.”

Hafley told LEX18 in Lexington said he is merely exercising his right to free speech and the statue is protected under the First Amendment.

“The way I look at it, it’s freedom of speech,” he said. “I don’t know how other people will take it.”

Read more at The Blaze. By Jason Howerton.

Photo credit: Gawker

9 thoughts on “Racist? Kentucky Man Under Fire For Effigy Of Obama Eating Watermelon

  1. DANG!!!! WHO CARES!
    Stupid Obama needs to get over his blackness. He is a half breed whitey too.
    AND, a sicko lunatic socialist Marxist SOB

    Happy New year, btw

  2. That is an isolated area, right? So who’s would have seen it UNTIL Obama + friends make themselves look like idiots bringing it to Nat’l attention for getting his widdle bitty feelin’s hurt.

    • Lexington is not isolated but it doesn’t matter. It could be in a cave under the South Pole and the media would find it and say the whole world is racist.

  3. He should have been eating Nasi Goreng, the national dish of Indonesia.
    He probably never ate watermelon being a foreign national.

  4. Let’s go into business and make them, only thing missing is the rope, we could call it Obama’s last supper before Obama walks the long red line to ole Sparky J.C.

  5. Jeeeze, it was a political joke. anyone remember all of the weird Bush photo(s) and cartoons LMAO
    You know…the ones where the camera had that “dumb face look” LOL…like, “Daddy, I dunnoo whut I’m doin’!” LOL

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