The Cost of Obama Sized Government

American Thinker

Please  explain why John Boehner, or any other responsible conservative will not step in  front of a gaggle of reporters and say quite simply, “If you want the kind of  government President Obama and his party  want to deliver then be prepared to allow them to skim about half of your paycheck off the top. It doesn’t matter how  much money you make!  If you have a job, you will pay.”

The great Obama cover-up

Big  government is not paid for by the rich. There simply are not enough of  them.  Ask any European. Their tax code is very non-progressive, as opposed  to ours.  Everybody pays. The lions share falls to the middle class and  working poor, because that’s where the real money is.  Not because we have  so much, rather that there are so many of us.  Many among us seem to think  we want a big government entitlement state. But that’s only because we’ve never  had to pay for it.  How do you think a country amasses a 16 trillion dollar  debt?

Many  Americans demand services from our government because they think these services  come at no cost (at least to those demanding them).  If our politicians had  an ounce of integrity they would explain quite simply that this level of  government sponsored entitlement is not paid for by the rich, rather by every  working American.

If  our politicians would be honest about this one very simple and fundamental fact, the great unwashed masses might finally  see the light of what they have wrought with their blind support of Obama and  the Democrats and their promises to deliver everything to everyone and stick  ‘the rich’ with the tab.

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