Obama & Congress In Violation of Oaths of Office

By Frosty Wooldridge


Over three years ago, purported citizen Barack Obama raised his right hand while swearing to uphold the United States Constitution. Along with him 100 senators and 435 representatives in Congress swore on the Bible to “defend and protect” America as a sovereign nation and to uphold the rule of law in America.

They did not and they are not.

They participate in criminal neglect against the citizens of the United States of America.

Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution states: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion.”

With estimates exceeding 20 million illegal aliens within the United States and countless thousands invading annually across our southern border, our president and Congress do not enforce several foundational laws set forth in the Constitution. Illegal alien migration is a federal crime. Our national leaders break our rule of law by their daily denial and dereliction of enforcing these laws.

They stand in direct violation and in criminal complicity with massive federal document fraud, importation of drugs and abuse of visas. They pander to foreign governments.

Still, no protection exists on our southern borders. No troops, no consequences to illegal entry. Once across, they move about the country. An estimated eight million illegal migrants work, live and operate within our borders with immunity from the law provided by Obama.

Clearly, the president and Congress violate their oaths of office by doing nothing to stop this invasion. What other laws do they fail to uphold?

Corporations hire illegal aliens and undermine our immigration laws by the millions to make billions at the expense of the American taxpayer. Corporations break federal, state and local laws in direct violation of our Constitution.

“A person (including a group of persons, business, organization, or local government) commits a federal felony when she or he: assists an illegal alien she/he should reasonably know is illegally in the U.S. or who lacks employment authorization, by transporting, sheltering, or assisting him or her to obtain employment, or encourages that illegal alien to remain in the U.S. by referring him or her to an employer or by acting as employer or agent for an employer in any way, or knowingly assists illegal aliens due to personal convictions.” Federal Law–Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii)

Why do major corporations break these laws in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution?

As former President Bill Clinton said, “Because I could!”

How do those corporations get away with it? President Obama and Congress not only ignore the rule of law of their sworn oaths of office; they support breaking the law. Why? Corporations pay BIG money to political action committees in the Republican and Democratic camps who cheat, lie and undermine America and the U.S. Constitution. Those corporations out-source, in-source and offshore millions of American jobs to faraway countries. Whose agenda is it? Who is served?

There comes a time when men in public service become SO arrogant, they falter in what Shakespeare called “hubris” or false pride. They serve money and power more than people and a nation. It is clear that Obama and Congress serve this illegal alien influx by refusing enforcement our immigration laws.

To allow these elected men to continue under the guise of patriotism, to allow them to pretend to be serving American citizens, to allow them the honor of being called president, senator or congressman of the United States—is an outright dereliction of their oaths of office.

All of you, who will uphold America’s laws, adhere to your oath of office. For those of you who refuse or ignore our laws, step down. President Obama, you need to be the first to stand down. To the majority of senators, stand down. To most of the House of Representatives, stand down. Your good ole’ boy network undermines our country.

© 2012 Frosty Wooldridge – All Rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “Obama & Congress In Violation of Oaths of Office

  1. He never took the first oath in the first place!
    He bungled through it 3 x’s and they let him slide.
    I doubt he will take it this time either. To him it is a joke.

  2. True! Who will confront and remove them? It will require an armed force to accomplish this and it seems that our military is for the most part subserviant to obama and the crooked congress!
    I would rejoice at an all out mutany and takeover of our troops and Navy via a Patriotic acyion of the same!

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