Dictator Obama: No More Bill of Rights–No Compromise on Demands

Gulag Bound

The problem is not and never has been guns.  In actual fact, virtually all of the recent mass slaughters under Obama’s and other’s watches have been committed in States with the strongest and most draconian gun laws.


In US States where laws permit the concealed carry of guns, these situations rarely–if ever recently–occur.  Tragically, the State of Connecticut has–for all intents and purposes–already enacted gun control and just before this horrendous mass murder had tightened up its gun ownership laws.  Instead, the true problem is actually isolating and treating those with already recognized and defined severe mental illness and, most especially, turning back to our once-spiritual nature and worship of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Gun control is meant and has been meant by every modern day dictator to control law-abiding citizens…not criminals.  And this is precisely what Dictator-in-Chief Obama and his syndicate plan to do.  We have warned you about Obama since before the 2008 elections.  What we have warned has already come true in virtually all instances, with some of Obama’s anti-liberty/anti-USA actions now being put into place in his second of who-knows-how-many terms he will serve.  Obama and a willing Congress have already stripped out the Fourth Amendment (See the NDAA bill) and severely limited the First Amendment (See HR 347 “Criminalizing Protests Bill” and with Obama’s order to arrest Mark Basseley Youssef for making an anti-Islam film the dictator has officially declared “blasphemy” of Islam as a crime).  In other words, what is legally (under the US Constitution) required (three-fourths of US States) to ratify, Obama has done and is continuing to do on his own…unilaterally.  Like it or not, folks, these actions are called “dictatorial powers”…and Obama is using them daily.

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