Mark Levin on Newtown speech: ‘How come Obama did not mention Fort Hood?’

The Daily Caller

On his Monday radio show, conservative talker Mark Levin was critical of  President Barack Obama’s Sunday address regarding the heartbreaking Newtown,  Conn., shooting deaths of 20 children and six adult victims.

Obama’s address, Levin said, omited any mention of the November 2009 shooting  at Fort Hood, Texas — which killed 13 and wounded 29 others.

“Over the weekend, the president was speaking and, really, when he got to his  politics it was just stomach-turning,” Levin said. “There he is, in the middle  of that little town … and he named four instances in where there were, what — massacres? But he left one out. I immediately realized — and my brother emailed  me too — what happened to Fort Hood? How come he didn’t mention Fort Hood?”

“How come Obama did not mention Fort Hood where 13 human beings were  slaughtered and there were several survivors. Because, ladies and gentlemen,  first of all, Fort Hood is a military enclave, it’s a base. You can’t have more  control than that.”

“Number two, they had all kinds of rules of who can carry weapons and who  can’t there,” he continued. “And fortunately, a lot of men and women in uniform  aren’t allowed to carry weapons unless they’re on duty. All kinds of gun control  on that base. But, number three, it had nothing to do with gun control. It  had everything to do with political correctness run amok, costing the lives of  13 human beings.”

Levin quoted a July 19 CBS News story that acknowledged  the political correctness that drove coverage of the Fort Hood shooting. Obama  didn’t mention it, he contended, because of his own political correctness about  Islam.

“They knew this guy was trouble,” he said. “They knew he was a potential  threat, but they didn’t want to touch him. You know why? You want to know the  God’s honest truth, is that why you’re listening to this program? Because they  didn’t want to be accused of discriminating a Muslim gentleman, that’s why.  That’s why Obama didn’t mention it yesterday, when he was ticking off the  killings that happened under his watch.”

“Now, he went to Fort Hood, but he left it off his list,” Levin continued. “Am I the only one to notice this? Because Fort Hood doesn’t really explain  things all the ways these politicians and Obama want to have them explained, now  do they?”

“And it gets even worse. Obama goes to these places, he speaks to the people  there, as a President should. He gives these national speeches and comments and  then, for the most part, they never hear from him again. But in the case of Fort  Hood, it’s even worse.”

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